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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday

These next 4 days are my favorite of the whole year, I love the anticipation of what is to come in just a few days. So much tradition. One of my favorite things about the Catholic Church is the rich history, and that what we do has meaning. 

Today we celebrate Holy Thursday, the night of the Last Supper.
Last night we talked about what that meant, we read over the story as a reminder. Nathan talked about how this is where Jesus told us that the bread and wine would become his body and blood. That this is where we get the Eucharist. 

Today we're going to be making this Last Supper craft from Catholic Icing (once we finish our chores). Thinking about baking some Judases later, and then tonight, we'll go to the Holy Thursday service at church. The kids get excited every year about the procession to the temporary chapel and waiting with Jesus. I won't even pretend I have perfect kids when it comes to behavior in Mass, but they've always been great during the Triduum. They know something is different, and they want to find out what it is.

I'll be back to update later with some pictures from our day, happy Triduum!

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