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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Busy Life of Max

I mentioned in my catch up post, that for a little baby, Max sure is getting around! I was a little surprised when chatting with Anthony over the weekend just how many places this baby has been already in his short (not quite) 8 weeks of life!

I was a little worried that having a new baby would keep us from getting out and having fun this summer, but if anything, this ended up being a busier summer than most!

So here's a quick summer recap of things we've been able to do since Max was born.

We started off slow with just playing in the pool in the backyard. Somehow Anthony blew this entire thing up by himself without a pump. I still don't know how he didn't pass out

Had our first cousin play date with now 8 kids between us instead of 6!

Attended his first graduation party for Aunt Bernadette (and slept through most of it!)

Went to his first 4th of July fireworks (and again, slept through the whole thing)

Has put up with lots of crafting from mom

Attended Music in The Valley at Hale Farm

Went to his first Indian's game. And witnessed his first Indian's loss :(

Went blueberry picking with friends

All before he was one month old!

Stared off his second month of life by refusing to be put down ever, so helping me pack for vacation. Thank goodness for babywearing!

Spent  week at Cedar Point doing a lot of this

While the big kids had tons of fun on rides and playing with cousins, aunts and uncles

Went to a cousin birthday party

Hung out at several playdates
Went to his Aunt Marian's baby shower and celebrated his new cousin Austin who will be arriving soon!

Had his first trip to the Medina County Fair! (too busy sleeping to be pictured)

First zoo trip 

And even got some dancing in at a wedding

It's been a busy summer! But so much fun! And having a new baby only slowed us down a little :)

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