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Monday, August 3, 2015

A lot can happen in a year

I came home last night after a week long vacation, closely followed by a birthday party, and I had the sudden overwhelming feeling that life was going to fast. That I needed a break to slow down, and focus on the small things that were happening while I was worrying about the big picture.

I decided I needed to write in my blog again. Even if it's just to post a few pictures, or some cute things the kids said.

Logged on this morning and was shocked to see it had been 11 months since my last post! SO much has happened in almost a year since I wrote that post!

So before I jump in to our life *right* now, here are the big important updates from the last year.

Since last August, we had an early miscarriage, then quickly found out we were expecting Max! We also found out he'd have a cousin close in age (8 days apart!), and another who is due in September! 3 little boy cousins in 3 months!

We finally sold our condo, and are officially homeowners again. We're having fun thinking of home improvement projects to chip away at over the next few years.

Nathan finished 1st grade and has taken off in both reading and math. He recently finished "The Indian in The Cupboard" series, and will spend hours a day reading once he gets caught up in a book. He was diagnosed with Asthma last fall after spending a scary 3 days in the hospital after his first attack. It's been really well controlled since then thankfully, with no major issues. We found out he's allergic to dogs, cats, and dustmites, so we've been able to limit exposure when possible.

Noah finished kindergarten, and made SO much progress this year! While he likes school, he was happy to have a break this summer and spend more time at home playing.

Elise had her second eye muscle surgery in January, and no more turning! It looks like she will not need anymore surgeries in the future, which is great news! She's still acting like a teenager (sometimes a 20 year old) stuck in a 4 year old's body. She'll start preschool this fall and can't wait!

Maddie is 2, and loves being a big sister. She insists that Max is her baby, and has adjusted so well to sharing her mom. She's super bossy, and keeps the big kids (and mom and dad) in line. Making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. We start speech therapy in a couple of weeks since she's taking her time putting words together into phrases, and just recently started saying more words at all. Her receptive language is amazing though, it's so funny to watch her act just like Elise...she just doesn't talk much.

And then there is Max, not quite 6 weeks old and already jumping into our busy life. So far he's gone blueberry picking, spent a week at Cedar Point, visited Hale Farm and Village, and attended his first Indians game. He seems to be just as relaxed about life on the outside as he was on the inside (and on making his way out as well. I'll post about that another day).

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