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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Spring!

Finally! And boy do we have a lot planned now that it's warm enough to come out of hibernation.

Our garden!
Anthony has been reading a ton of homesteading and mini farming books, I'm researching the best ways to preserve and store the most food. We even used some Christmas money to purchase a pressure canner, which opens up all sorts of new canning possibilities.

We're *just* about ready to till the garden and just a few more weeks until we'll feel safe planting. We both really missed having a garden last year with the craziness of having a new baby and then Anthony's ankle surgery, and are really looking forward to it this year!

We're had a tent for a couple of years, but haven't tried more than backyard camping with the kids yet (and even that didn't really go as planned). We're sort of easing in, a few days near Cape Cod in a yurt with beds and electricity, and then hopefully take a few tent camping trips this summer.

The swingset
So I found someone giving away a large wooden swingset, it turned out to be MUCH larger than I imagined, and there are a few family members and friends who will probably never volunteer to help me with anything ever again. Sorry guys!

It's sitting in our driveway right now, because it was just too big to get up right away, but the kids are practically drooling watching it out their bedroom window. It will be so nice for them to be able to play outside in the yard with their own swingset instead of having to go to the park to swing and climb.

And so much  more fun stuff to come! Maddie will be 1 in a few weeks, I'm attempting to run a half marathon, and I'll be 30 in 7 weeks! It's going to be a great spring and summer.