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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This is a whining post, I'm not even going to pretend it's not.

We're sick.

I hate it.

I've reached the point where I forget what it feels like not to be sick, and am sure that I will never feel healthy again.

The baby is sick and just wants to be held upright

I want nothing more to do than sleep with my head propped up

But then there are these other kids too, and they seem to be feeling a little bit better. It makes me both happy and jealous all at the same time.

Plus they are far more demanding when they are feeling well, and I'm not really in a meeting demands sort of mood.

They're also just stuffy enough that they can't hear anything, that is lots of fun.

This is where I whine that I wish moms had sick days, and I could just take a day off from taking care of 4 sick kids.

I could be thankful that it's still 2 weeks before Christmas, so at least we'll be healthy by then. Except for we don't have a tree, nothing is decorated, there is still shopping and gift making to do. At this rate I might be ready for Christmas by New Years Day...maybe.

Tomorrow I'll pull myself together, maybe clear a spot in the middle of the toys to put a tree when we get around to it, but today I'm just going to whine and go eat some soup