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Thursday, May 30, 2013

First day alone with four

First of all, she's here! I'll post more on that later when I figure out this posting pictures issue I am having, because what fun is a baby post without pictures?

Today is my first day home alone with all four kids. I wouldn't exactly say I'm worried, I've done the four kids thing before, I even had one crazy day of five that I am so not ready to experience full time yet (at least not 5 under 6 while 32 weeks pregnant!). But it's going to be a bit of a crazy day I think.

I'll update here throughout the day just like I did when Elise was born because that was just really fun to look back on once it was over :)

Today is an extra long first day since Anthony has softball tonight too, luckily I have some crockpot meals all ready to go, so hopefully it will go nice and smoothly until bedtime and then Maddie and I can relax for the evening.

5:30 Nathan comes in to ask me if it's morning yet. No, it is not.

6:15 boys are up for the day

6:30 Elise comes in to snuggle with me and Maddie for a little bit before we get up

7 Everyone is eating breakfast, and then the kids get to watch some Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I feed Maddie and have some coffee

7:55 Elise has her first meltdown about not being allowed to kiss the baby while she is sleeping. She decides she needs to cry in her room for a minute to regain her composure

7:59 Elise decides to cry in her room again because I won't let her dump out a bag of knitting things.

8:00 "I'm okay now, I go play now"

8:10 Explain to the boys the plan for chores today

9:00 1 load of laundry sorted (boys), craft room half organized (me) taking a break for some Lego Star Wars and to feed the baby.

10:00 2 loads of laundry sorted, craft room 2/3 done. Break for snack. Number of Noah timeouts: 3

10:17 Elise dumps out 30oz of water on the floor while I am untangling yarn

10:20 Elise drinks the rest of my cold coffee while I am cleaning up the water

10:25 Noah has a meltdown and decides he is too tired to help clean up, and too hungry to take a nap, so he's going to throw paper airplanes instead

11:00 break for some more Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Number of Noah timeouts: 5

11:26 Elise put salt on her cookies from snack time, we're just going with it.

12:00 lunch. Noah is having a pretty intense conversation with the white cheddar bunnies from his lunch.

12:29 Elise squishes half of her banana with her hand just for fun, then yells "I wipe my own self!" until I hand over the wipes.

1:00 naptime and a piece of cheesecake for me

1:49 Wake up to Nathan and Noah running around the dinning room with water guns...Elise wakes up. Everyone is crabby.

2:30 fold all of the laundry that the boys sorted this morning, Elise steals her 3rd banana of the day while I'm busy

3:30 Throw in a loaf of bread in the bread machine to go with dinner

4:15 Trying to feed the baby and clean up in the kitchen, tell Noah to get out of the pack n play for the 500th time today.

4:38 officially give up on trying to accomplish something today and am just counting down until bed time.2 hours and 22 minutes to go.

5:22 Stop stalling and force myself to at least do the dishes since the bread won't be done for another 25 minutes

6:50 Trying to get everyone down for bed. Maddie is the only one listening. 

7:15 Everyone is at least quiet and in their own rooms if not yet asleep. Some days I really just don't possess the patience to be Noah's mother.

House is a mess, you wouldn't know I spent the entire day trying to clean it. At least the clothes are clean and sorted if not put away. Dishes are done, craft room is still about 2/3 done, and that's about it.

It sounds like a crazy day, but really it was just like any other day only I'm functioning on way less sleep than I got napping for the last week, and I have to nurse a really relaxed baby every couple of hours who just sleeps or looks around during the in between times.

Hopefully only about 3 more hours until Anthony is home, but I'm not anticipating anything exciting happening before then. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

An update on us

No, I'm not dead, just busier than we've been in a long long time.

I'll try and keep it short in the hopes that I'll update more frequently now, I will soon have lots of time to sit in front of the computer with a nursing baby :)

Nathan just finished up his first year of school this week, he absolutely loved preschool and can't wait for kindergarten in the fall! He's learning to read and spends most of his days building detailed Lego creations, I'm surprised daily by how smart he is! He's also recently started doing 3 part math facts in his head. No one taught him to do it, he just decided it would be fun!

Noah is growing up more and more every day. He loves food and to cook and is often found making breakfast for himself and Elise if I am taking just a little too long to get to it in the morning for his liking. He and Elise have really become buddies this year with their time together while Nathan is in school, it's fun to watch the 2 of them play together and come up with plans for what they are going to do that day.

Elise is 2 going on 15. She potty trained herself a few months ago, and only has the occasional accident here and there. I haven't had to do a thing, she just decided one day she wanted to do it and that was that. I may have to have her train the next baby for me ;) She routinely puts herself in a timeout if she gets too upset, and them comes out and tells us she is sorry when she is done. She's still obsessed with clothes and shoes and hair stuff, I have never met a girlier girl.

Anthony has been going to grad school this year and it's been a bit of an adjustment for us getting used to not having him home several nights a week. We're definitely looking forward to some more family time this summer now that he is off until fall.

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and hoping this baby stays put just a little bit longer before making an appearance. It's been a bit of a difficult pregnancy for me especially near the end here as I developed Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) which basically means that the ligaments in my pelvis have loosened up much more than they are supposed to which can make it difficult and painful to do simple things like stand up from sitting, roll over in bed, and even walk. I've been in physical therapy 2-3 times a week for the last month and while this can't correct the problem, has definitely helped manage it so I can continue to do everyday things as long as I take it easy. I really look forward to my therapy time, since it's the only time I'm completely pain free and I can move and stretch in ways I haven't been able to in months! Thankfully this is a problem that will most likely disappear completely after the baby is born, so while it's frustrating now, it's nice to know it's a short lived problem.

Aside from that I've been babysitting, and teaching ballet, both of which have become increasingly more difficult. While some might think it sounds silly, I'm definitely looking forward to a break once the baby is here!

And that's about it for us! We have a crazy couple of months ahead of us, but I'm hoping I'll find some more time to keep things updated!