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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here we go 2013

So for those of you who have been following along...there really hasn't been anything to follow! oops.

I really want to make a better effort to post here, even the boring, stupid, silly things that happen day to day, because the reason I started this blog was so I had something fun to look back on from what we did all day when they kids were little, and I really want those memories.

So to keep me on task when I feel like I have nothing to write about, I am going to try and stick to these prompts at least for a little while until I get back into the swing of things.

So this week:

Nathan is...playing lots of Lego Lord of the Rings. Typically I don't let him spend so much time playing video games, but with Christmas break and all of the craziness, I've been letting him spend a lot more time than normal playing. And you know what? I am actually REALLY impressed! He beat the entire game in 4 days. 4 days of not all day playing, but playing a lot. It's not just button mashing fighting off bad guys, but there is lots to figure out, and I am pretty impressed that at 5 he has figured it out with no help. Now to wean him down to his normal hour a day of tv/video game time :)

Noah is...building train tracks, car tracks and painting lots of pictures. This week he is definitely enjoying all of his Christmas gifts. Oh and scavenging for money every chance he has to fill his cheeseburger piggy bank!

Elise is...taking care of her babies, all 4 of them. She sleeps with them, carries them around everywhere, and is even trying to potty train them. Something she is also working on this week! We're taking it slow, but she is getting better at telling me when she has to go, or at least when she needs a diaper change. I'm considering pushing her just a little more, but for right now am just letting her take the lead and asking her lots if she has to go. So far, so good.

Baby is...about 5oz and moving all over the place. I am finally starting to feel movement everyday now, which is lots of fun. I am curious if this baby is going to be super active like the boys were, or more laid back like Elise. We have our 20 week ultrasound on the 21st, and even though we are waiting to find out this time, I am really excited to get a look at a bigger baby!

I am craving...fresh bread and olive oil. One day this week that is all I ate...for 3 meals. I will probably gain 200lbs if this keeps up.

I am working on...some longies for Elise, a hungry caterpillar cocoon for the baby (SO cute!) and converting the rest of our velcro diapers to snap diapers.

As a family we have...had a movie night, sort of. It ended with sending all of the kids to bed 30 minutes early because they couldn't stop picking on each other. Hopefully we can find some time to do something fun this weekend.

My goal for the next week is...declutter the dining room and keep up with my Motivated Moms app!

Favorite meal this week...chicken paprikash and fresh bread