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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 2

Definitely more emotional today, I think yesterday she had so much going on she was too excited to sit still, today just about everything made her just a little bit more sad (or sassy) than usual.

Her eye is a lot more red today, but it's still just the corner of her eye, so it's not *that* noticeable. She is still acting like nothing happened, no complaining, no rubbing, I'm not sure she could even tell me which eye it was if I asked her.

Doing great with the drops too, she acts like she doesn't want me to do it for a second, then laughs and tilts her head up so I can put them in.

Tomorrow is our post op appointment with her Dr (she keeps yelling "I love Dr Hanna!"when I tell her we are going there tomorrow), so hopefully she is pleased with how it looks and maybe we won't even have to patch anymore!

hard to get her to stand still for a picture these days, but you can see how it's just the corner
 And Noah and Maddie were buddies today, so I couldn't leave them out! She loved sitting on his lap and talking to him and Nathan this afternoon

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