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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And we're patching

I do realize I've hardly posted in the last few months, and half of what I have has been about Elise's eyes, but really I think our last 4 months can be summed up with: Elise's eye issues, had a baby, Anthony had ankle surgery.

Anthony's surgery has been pretty boring and sometimes downright frustrating, so I won't post about that, but I'll try and up the cute baby posts and more about what the boys are up to soon

Anyway, we had Elise's 2 month check up today and her left eye looks MUCH better, but still not working quite as it should, even with glasses on. So for at least the next 3 weeks, for 3 hours a day, we are patching.

For some reason I'm more nervous about this than I was with the glasses. I think with the glasses, they helped her to see better right away, whereas wearing a patch will eventually make her vision better, but for now strips her of her vision in the better eye.

We're trying to stay super positive about it, in some ways glasses and patching can be much harder for young children, because they can't understand that it is helping them and just want them off. Older kids know enough to know that they are *different* and don't want to be. I think we fall right in the sweet spot, Elise is old enough to understand that this is for her own good and I am not trying to torture her, but she has no idea that wearing an eye patch or glasses could be weird, or something everyone in the world wouldn't want to do.

We have a few girly options sent home from her Dr today, she immediately chose a purple patch with pink shoes on it (of course I heard in my head "yeah, shooooes")

We're 15 minutes in with no problems so far, only 5025 minutes of patching to go until our next appointment

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