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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4 months old

How on earth has it been 4 months already? I look at this baby and she definitely has lost all resemblance of a newborn. Rolling, trying to sit up, laughing and "talking" to us. She enjoys playing with the big kids and watching everything they do. Wasn't I just pregnant like last week?

 She's our longest baby so far, measuring in the 78th percentile for length at her last appointment. Still skinny like her siblings though, about 12lbs 13oz

 She loves everyone and everything, if you look at her, she will smile. She really enjoys laughing at the baby in the mirror :)

 I think this will be the last month where it's easy to take pictures, she is quite a bit more interested in moving around than her sister was. I had to look it up and Elise didn't roll over until she was 6 months old, Maddie's not wasting any time staying still!
 While she still hates tummy time...
 ...she is convinced that she should just be able to crawl already. If she didn't get mad so quickly, she could definitely be scooting across the room.
These girls love each other so much, they already spend a good chunk of the day playing together. They have their bad days too when Elise is convinced that Maddie is being mean to her. Elise cries, then Maddie cries. The teenage years are going to be interesting!

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