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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Surprise, surprise, 4 kids make a lot of mess. Not that they are extraordinarily messy kids, but just in *being* there is a lot to do.

And well, as much as I'd like to pretend to have it all together and be super mom, I'm just not. Plus, all of that cleaning severely cuts into my knitting and sewing time. Not happening.

So lately, we've been working a lot with the kids on chores, especially with Anthony on crutches for the last 4 weeks, and 2 more to go, I need all of the help I can get. I thought I'd make a list of all of the things my kids can, and do help out with around the house. It might help some other moms struggling to keep up like myself, and on one of those days I feel like I've lost all of my brain cells, I can come back here and remember all of the great things my kids are capable of helping with!

I'll break them up into age categories, and obviously the older kids can do all of their jobs, plus the younger sibling jobs as well.

Maddie (3 months)
  • Nap
  • Eat
  • Smile
  • Roll over
  • "Talk"
*yes these are important jobs too! They give us some free time to get stuff done, or entertain us while finishing our chores. Who doesn't want to do the dishes with a chatty baby strapped to their back?

Elise (2.5, these jobs are pretty appropriate from 18 months-3, some younger kids might not be able to do all of them, but could help, and work towards doing them alone. Elise can do all of these at 2.5)
  • Pick up toys
  • Put dirty laundry in laundry basket
  • Put away folded clean laundry in correct drawers
  • Put books on the bookshelf
  • Put shoes on the shoe shelf
  • Wash windows
  • Sort clean laundry
  • Clear dishes from table
  • Put away plastic/kids dishes (we keep these on a lower shelf all of the kids can reach)
  • Put away groceries

Nathan and Noah (4-6)
  • Make beds
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Put clean clothes on hangers
  • Fold towels
  • Match socks
  • Wash baseboards
  • Wash walls (at leas the lower half)
  • Wipe table
  • Put away silverware
  • Spot clean kitchen floor

The boys LOVE hanging up clothes
I know it sounds like a lot, but really, if done promptly and not stalling and playing when they should be getting chores done, none of this really takes more than 15 minutes a day. And most things are not done every single day.

We also try to make chores fun, we have races to see who can finish first and the first person done has their book read first at bedtime. We try to beat a timer, or a recent favorite is cleaning dance parties. We put on some music and try and see if we can finish whatever job we are doing in 1-2 songs (depending on what it is), we take random dance breaks in the middle and it keeps everyone moving instead of getting distracted. It seems to be working well since early this week I turned on some dance music and Elise started cleaning up without me even saying anything!

Our house still isn't perfect, but it's taken a lot of the pressure off of me to teach the kids that we are all responsible for our belongings and taking care of our home!

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  1. What a fun idea! Grace is usually pretty good about helping with her chores, but some dance music wouldn't hurt. ;)