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Friday, June 14, 2013

I was "that" mom yesterday

You know, the one walking through the store, with several screaming children. Ignoring them and going about her shopping. The one people stare at. The one no one even tries to help with the "wow it looks like you have your hands full" line because it's just already too far gone of a situation.

In almost 6 years of being a parent it was probably about time I had that moment to bring me back down to earth a little bit. I've been lucky, that in those years, I had never had this happen before. Not with my own 3 kids, not with others that I've watched. I've gone out with 4 plenty of times, and while I had the occasional whining or a short little breakdown that lasts a minute or two at best, I had never walked the entire time through the store with at least one (and sometimes two or even three) children crying hysterically with no end in sight.

I've never judged those moms before, I definitely get it. If I am getting everyone ready to go, helping find clothes, shoes, coats (it was weirdly chilly yesterday for mid June!), making sure everyone has gone to the bathroom, hair is brushed, diaper is changed, baby is fed, piling them all into the car and buckling 4 car seats, driving the 15 minutes to the store, getting all 4 out of the car and safely into the store through the parking lot and into a cart I am NOT turning around and going home without any food.

It was a humbling experience that I am not ready to repeat any time soon.

Lesson learned, I am not supermom, and going grocery shopping *right* before lunch is probably a bad idea.

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