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Saturday, June 15, 2013

50 things to do this summer 2013

Here is my list this year! Looking back over previous years...they are a lot the same. But that's okay! It's a nice reminder to do fun things during the summer instead of just veg out, which is what I want to do some days!

I'll keep this linked up right over there ------>
so that if anyone wants to check out the progress, it will be easy to find.

1. Go on vacation at Cedar Point!
2. Start running again
3. Run a 5k
4. Go to the zoo
5. Take the kids to the splash pad
6. Eat popsicles
7. Design a new knitting pattern
8. Go swimming
9. Have a backyard campout
10. Survive a week without Anthony while he's fishing
11. Read lots of books
12. Go for long walks
13. Have a bonefire
14. Watch Fireworks
15. Go to an Indians game
16. Have a cookout
17. Have Maddie Baptized
18. Go to my youngest brother's graduation party!
19. Sew something fun
20. Have a date night with Anthony
21. Paint my nails (and maybe Elise's too!)
22. Eat ice cream
23. Play with bubbles
24. Dance
25. Play at the park with the kids
26. Finish organizing my craft room
27. Paint Elise and Maddie's room (wishful thinking)
28. Sell the condo!
29. Go to the fair
30. Enter knitting in the fair
31. Play in the sprinkler
32. Build legos with Nathan
33. Spend lots of time at the library
34. Make some fun craft projects with the kids
35. Take lots of pictures
36. Finish knitting my Coastal Hoodie
37. Blog more :)
38. Get a haircut
39. Have a movie night
40. Sibling game nights
41. Make ice cream
42. Cook something new
43. Get back into shape
44. Ride the train at the outlet mall
45. Have a picnic
46. Fly a kite
47. Take more videos of the kids
48. Organize toys and bookshelves
49. Make salsa
50. Roast marshmallows

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