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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Elise,

It is now 9:33pm, almost 3 hours since I first put you to bed, I think we can all agree that you are MUCH cuter when you go to sleep at a reasonable time.


Friday, June 22, 2012


It's finally that time of year, we harvested our first peppers from the garden today, and there are some zucchini and cucumbers not too far behind!

Last year we had a "salsa" garden, mostly tomatoes and peppers, this year Anthony made it much bigger and we have tomatoes, several kinds of peppers, onions, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, broccoli, and corn! If everything goes to plan, we should have plenty of veggies to get use through the summer, and some more to can for the fall and winter.

our first peppers!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I can hear the bell...

So if you are friends with me on facebook, this is old news, but worth documenting so I can show this crazy child just how crazy she is later on in life.

About a week and a half ago, Noah was climbing around looking at things I had put up on a shelf. You know, the clutter that collects when you are trying to keep tiny things away from tiny people. This time it was a Christmas ornament that needed repair. A potholder with some little jingle bells on it. One of the bells was loose, and I needed to sew it back on, but here it is June and I still hadn't quite gotten to it. I have until next December right?

Anyway, Noah was delighted to find this and brought it down on the floor. I saw him do it, but in the middle of making dinner, didn't give it much thought, until I glanced down and saw Elise sitting at my feet chewing on it. I grabbed it out of her hands, but it was too late, she swallowed the bell without even gagging as a pulled it away from her. ugh.

Of course it was 5pm, the time of day all things requiring medical assistance happen. I knew she wasn't choking, so I wasn't too worried, but also wasn't sure if this was a wait and see situation, or if she needed to be seen.

Luckily a nurse at our pediatrician's office was able to get back to us right way, unlucky for us, she said we needed to go in for an x-ray to make sure it wasn't stuck anywhere. They also seem to have something against our local hospital and anytime we call make us go to the Children's ER about 20 minutes further away. 

So off we went, all too familiar with where we were going after our trips there for a broken leg and a corneal abrasion earlier this year. (I promise, I do not just let my children run around like crazy unsupervised! As much as it might sound like that from our track record!)

Elise, having some recent experience with x-rays, was not pleased. But by now *I* know what I am doing and how to hold her down, so at least we got it over with faster this time. 

The Dr came back in the room a few minutes later and asked "So, do you like Bing Crosby?" and then proceeded to sing "Silver Bells" as he handed me this

 No question that she had in fact swallowed the bell. 

So then they sent us home, told us what to look for in a bowel obstruction and to call her Dr. in 5 days if we hadn't found it.

So 5 days went by, and nothing.

So they said 2 more days.


She was acting fine, and not having any issues, so I was sure she was okay, but it was a little weird that we hadn't found it.

They sent us back in for more x-rays just to see what was going on. Only this time, to avoid an ER bill we had to go to the Children's hospital about an hour away. Once again making me wish we would have just gone to our local hospital in the first place!

It was crowded, and busy. No place to sit for most of the 2 hours we were there. Elise hated the x-rays once again, and when we got the results back....there was nothing there!

I don't know how we missed it, as gross as it was, we were pretty through in our search, and it wasn't all that tiny of a thing. But somehow it's gone. 

I was slightly annoyed that we had to spend the time and money to find out, but SO relieved that there was nothing else that had to be done. 

And now I will be strapping Elise to my back until she is 18 and can move out, at which point I will just close my eyes and pretend not to hear what kind of crazy things she is getting into by then!

I thought Nathan and Noah were a handful, but I think she's given me more gray hairs in the last 2 months than they have in their 3 and 4 years.

She is pretty cute though