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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh Hey!

Hmmm I do have a blog don't I?

The last few weeks have been busy ones, broken leg, cast on, wedding in South Carolina, putting in a garden, cast off, Mother's Day, planning a baby shower, and then all of the normal stuff on top of that. So on the days that I've had "nothing to do" I don't really feel like doing much of anything. So things have been a combination of busy and downright boring.

Here are a few brief updates

Elise has her cast off and is officially walking again! She hasn't decided that walking is faster than crawling yet, so she is still doing a lot of that, but we're getting there. She is adorable as she walks across the room saying "walk, walk, walk" as she goes.

She's getting 8, yes 8 teeth in. Not all of them are close to coming in, but are probably still bothering her. So we're both a little sleep deprived and crabby from time to time.

She is becoming very opinionated about what she wears. This is SO weird to me because the boys only recently decided they care if they are wearing clothes at all, but she has me pick her up every morning and look through things in her closet until she decide what she wants to wear. It is so cute and funny! So far she is not overly attached to anything in particular, so it hasn't caused any issues. I'm sure the meltdowns are coming once she finds a favorite outfit.

Everything is a bracelet, I don't even wear bracelets often, but she is obsessed. Last night she put a duplo door on her arm and wore it around as a bracelet. If it has a hole and her hand can fit through it, she is wearing it.

Noah is 100% potty trained! I know I've said this before, but as to not jinx it this time, I waited a bit longer before calling it. He hasn't had more than a couple of accidents in a month. It's about time! And a huge load of my shoulders to not have to worry about when the last time he went to the bathroom was anymore, or if I have 5 sets of extra clothes in the car just in case it's one of those days.

He's counting more and more, and as usual, very interested in everything that is going on. Definitely a people watcher.

He still loves everything that I cook, and usually asks for seconds. Just the kind of kid every mom needs! Last night he yelled out "woo hoo! Stir fry!" when I told him what we were having for dinner.

Nathan is turning into such a big kid. He's counting to 20 and sometimes beyond, he's *so* close to being able to read, if he cared enough I am sure he could do it, but for now he is happy just telling me about letters and the sounds they make

He loves books, and just like his mom and dad has to take a few to bed with him every night to look at as he falls asleep.

He's talking a lot about going to school lately, I am going to need to find something a little more structured for him in the fall. I'm still not ready to send a 4 year old off to all day kindergarten, but at the very least we will have lots more "school time" at home next year.

I'm knitting, and wanting to sew, and still working on those spring cleaning projects. It's going slow, but I'm making little dents daily, so it's getting done!

Anthony has been busy between work and the garden, but has made time to do fun things with me and the kids like go to the Chalk Art Festival and dinner at Dan's Dogs, and take Nathan on his first fishing trip with his own Spiderman fishing pole!

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up a bit more now that Elise is a bit more mobile and life is slowly getting back to "normal"!

I have a few fun recipes to share next week! And hopefully a post or two about all of the fun things we did for my sister in law's baby shower!