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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheep Cheep

Some days you just wake up and NEED to knit a baby chick.

That's the kind of day we had today.

I've mentioned before the boys love to decorate for holidays, Valentine's Day and Christmas are their favorites, but they love any excuse to make decorations for the house. Today we started looking for ways to decorate for Easter, and we found these cute little chicks!

The only problem was we didn't have anything to stuff inside of them, and couldn't find the perfect eyes in my collection of buttons and beads. This was obviously an emergency that required a trip to the store.

The boys searched through my scraps and picked out yarn for their chicks (and one for Elise too!), and I got started.

Man these little guys are cute! I can't wait to knit the rest of them, but only had time for this little blue chick for Noah before I need to start getting ready for dinner.

And then somebody got jealous that I wasn't taking pictures of her

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring cleaning fail, and some Nathan moments

So spring cleaning this week? Total and complete failure. I think I looked at the master bathroom on Monday...and then just laughed at the thought of actually finding the time to clean it.

You see we are sick, again. Mostly Elise this time, which means that my arms have no other job but t hold her, 24 hours a day. I'm holding her right now as I type this. She will tolerate me doing a few other things while holding her, for very small amounts of time.

We took her to the Dr Tuesday for a suspected ear infection since she'd been running a fever of 102.5. And she was totally fine. Ears clear, lungs clear, just working extra hard at fighting that off. She even looked better for a day after that...and then the fever came back last night.

She's also managed to pass her baby disease on to Anthony and I, who now both have sore throats. So as you can imagine, not much deep cleaning has been going on here this week. We'll try again when everyone is at least mostly healthy.

I'll leave you with a few "Nathanisms" that have been cracking me up this week

N: I played with that was I was a grown up, not a baby
Me: But you're not a grown up yet
N: I am a tiny grown up

N: Did you know fireworks are made of fire?

N: This house is boring, I miss my condo house

N: I am the fastest runner in the world!

This one is not so much funny as it is amazing
N: Mom, do you remember that time that we went to the movie theater, and it was dark, and we saw "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"?
I took them to see that movie in July 2010 when he was 2. And I don't think I've talked about the fact that we went since then.

He's been very nostalgic this week, remembering all sorts of things that happened a year ago or more.

And I'm just realizing I have NO new pictures of the kids. I've been slacking on that lately. I need to remember to take some more this week!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I wish I could say this was a post about my awesome organizational skills, and how I have cleaned my whole house...but it's not.

But I'm getting the itch to do a deep clean. We've been here almost a year, and things still aren't quite exactly how I'd like them. My New Years resolution was to get more organized, and while I've made some small progress, I'm ready for something on a bigger scale.

I'm declaring next week the start of spring cleaning. I have this thing about having to start new schedules or habits on a Monday. I don't know why, I just have to start at the beginning. Which makes this week planning week. I always do better when I have a plan, and I REALLY like planning. So here it goes.

My plan is deep clean and organize one room each day, and hopefully at the end of all of this we will have a perfectly clean and organized house!

Monday: Master bathroom
Tuesday: Main bathroom
Wednesday: Elise's room
Thursday: Boy's bedroom
Friday: Laundry room
Saturday: Office/craft room
Sunday: Off day/catch up with everyday things
Monday: Playroom (ugh)
Tuesday: Master bedroom
Wednesday: Living room
Thursday: Dining room
Friday: Kitchen

Alright, so it's going to take 2 weeks, but it will be so worth it to finally feel good about everything.

I'll update our progress as we go, one room at a time, exactly how I want it.

Then we can move on to the outside of the house! I really want to plant flowers this year along with our vegetable garden.