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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well I pretty much failed at this pumpkin recipe a day thing, and even writing in this blog in general, but not without good reason.

For the last 3 weeks I've been tired half asleep, looking at food in general has been hard, cooking it and eating it even harder. And all because of a new little pumpkin we're adding to our family in June!

In the past we've waited until I'm 12-13 weeks along to share the news, just to make sure that everything is "okay", but I was pregnant in June, for just a few weeks and everything did not end "okay". It was a really hard thing for us to go through emotionally, and was made even harder by the fact that no one knew. You don't exactly go around announcing that you are an emotional mess because you just had a miscarriage to people who didn't even know you were pregnant.

So this time, we're sharing the news, we're telling everyone, we're getting excited, we're asking for prayers, because even if something does happen, we'll need the support, and want others to know instead of hiding it like it didn't happen.

So please, pray for us and our baby, I'm further along now than I was last time, I've had an ultrasound, saw a nice strong heartbeat, and everything looks great! But we'd still appreciate the thoughts and prayers for the next 30ish weeks until the baby is here.

I'll write some more about my thoughts later, it's been a very interesting road to finally be where we are now. Pretty much God is faithful, and I need to remind myself of this far more often than I do!


  1. Congratulations!!!
    Love the shirt, by the way. Did you wear it trick or treating?

    Also, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad everything is looking good so far with this pregnancy, and praying for a healthy babe!

  2. Thanks Francine! We went trick or treating a couple of weeks ago already, so I didn't wear it then, I wore it to a Halloween party last week though...and almost no one noticed!