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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lego Party!

Nathan's Lego party was yesterday, and in typical Sara fashion, I misplaced my camera during the first 5 minutes of the party and didn't take a single picture. Luckily my family pulled through and took some for me to use.

Probably my favorite part of the party, Nathan's cool guy Lego cake. I'm hoping if I remember, to make a post dedicated just to making this guy. I followed another blog, but there were definitely some things I learned along the way!

Marshmallow pops! Some of these were much cuter than others, this picture happens to be of the few I did where the pen wouldn't write anymore. But when you don't take a single picture of the day yourself, you can't be picky!
Awesome Lego brick cookies my mom made
Juice boxes
Singing Happy Birthday
He was so excited and I think a little embarrassed that all of the attention was on him!
Elise thoroughly enjoying her cake
I'll spare you 10 picture that look like this with a different box, I've hardly seen Nathan today he is so busy building and playing with all of his new Legos!
Pirate Noah! Missing tooth and all
Anthony and I may or may not be just as excited for Nathan's presents as he was. Here we are discussing what our favorite Lego sets were as kids. After Nathan went to bed, we spent the evening putting together a few of Nathan's more difficult sets that he couldn't do on his own

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