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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Yeah, about that...things haven't gone quite as I'd planned. It's August 7th, and my house is only *slightly* more organized than it was January 1st, but the good news is that it IS *slightly* more organized than it was January 1st. Progress is progress, right?

It's time to kick things up a notch though, I am serious about getting things under control and feel like I am not always playing catch up, just maintaining. Quite the goal with 3 little people under 5, but I WILL do this.

I broke out my Motivated Mom's notebook, and worked through my checklist today. It felt so satisfying to check things off my little list. 

And to keep the boys busy while I was getting stuff done, I made them their own checklists for their chores, complete with little pictures of each job, so they could tell which was which and check them off when they were done.

(Pretend there is a picture of their checklist here, Elise scribbled all over it, probably trying to check off her job of sobbing face first on the floor because I wasn't holding her)

I also found this site and I am even more motivated. Seriously, how can you not want to go organize something after looking at this?

One of the sections on the site encourages you to pick 52 goals and accomplish one per week. Since I'm getting a late start, there are only 21 weeks left of this year. So I picked 21 goals that I want to accomplish by January 1st 2013. Maybe posting it here will help keep me accountable, maybe I will be linking this post up to another one in a few months to shame myself into motivation again. Either way, here is my list:

1. Organize yarn and fabric
2. Declutter the top of the fridge (aka, the only place in the house children can't reach)
3. Declutter and organize bookshelf
4. Organize and purge toys
5. Organize office closet
6. Sort through my clothes and get rid of things I don't wear/don't fit
7. Organize the kids craft supplies
8. Organize pantry
9. Streamline laundry room set up
10. Organize/sort cleaning products on laundry room shelf
11. Organize hall closet
12. Sort/purge shoes
13. Find a place for/store boxes in the office (there are still about 3 boxes that just never got unpacked)
14. Set up a shelf for dvd player/wii under the mounted tv
15. Organize spice cupboard
16. Organize baking cupboard
17. Do something with the crib in Elise's room (you know, the one she has never slept in even once)
18. Decorate the living room, playroom and bedrooms
19. Sort through the boys art
20. Declutter kitchen/dining room
21. Declutter living room/bedrooms

So there it is, I don't think I'll go through them in exactly that order, but I do want to try and get one done a week in addition to normal daily chores. And then KEEP them that way.

I would love to hear any tips, schedule or plans you use to get/stay organized around the house!

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