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Monday, April 2, 2012

We might just be crazy

You've heard me blog before about my position on baby sleep and co-sleeping, and even my attempt several times to get Elise to sleep in a crib. The problem isn't so much sleeping with her, she sleeps really well and soundly. The problem is that she doesn't like sleeping with Anthony anymore.

As much as she loves him, she has somehow decided when it comes to sleeping, that he is encroaching on her "mom space" and is a threat to her snuggle time. Crazy girl. Since she has never liked, and still refuses to sleep in her crib, we came up with a new solution.

Straight to a big girl bed! The boys were both in toddler beds by 18 months old because they started climbing out around 15 or 16 months and we just couldn't keep them in anymore. So I figured, why push the crib she has never liked, only to have to do this all over again with a toddler bed in a couple of months?

And why not just put her in a toddler bed? 2 reasons.
1. She's used to having some space to sprawl out in a full sized bed, and I didn't want to have to worry about her falling out of bed a million times a night with the limited space.

2. We're cheap. I never even bought her crib bedding because after my experience with the boys, I knew it would be a while before she used it. Instead of buying crib/toddler bedding now, and twin bedding in another year we just bought the twin bedding now.

Plus in a twin bed, I can lay down with her if I need to get her back to sleep, something she's used to if she happens to wake up in the middle of the night.

So we will see what happens. We haven't left her in there overnight yet, still a few things we need to move into her closet so she doesn't get into them at night. But nap time has been a huge success! And I was able to put her to bed last night without a fight, or worrying that she was going to fall out of my bed. This might sound like a small thing, but with a sweet little girl who's been attached to me for the last 14 months, being able to sit on the couch with Anthony and watch a movie at 9 o'clock at night was nothing short of a small miracle. 

And as part of our spring cleaning, we've gotten her room and the boys all organized, furniture moved around, and all of her too small clothes packed away. So I'm going totally out of order when it comes to my handy list, but things are getting done! More pictures to come as I start the decorating process.

Noah loving his new big bed
This is what happens when you tell a 4 year old to smile nicely


  1. Whatever works! She looks so cute sleeping there. :)
    Don't you feel like a new person now? Glad you and Anthony get to enjoy some grownups only time!

  2. Yes I really do! She's such a happy easy baby, but having a little bit of time without her is certainly a pleasant change!