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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheep Cheep

Some days you just wake up and NEED to knit a baby chick.

That's the kind of day we had today.

I've mentioned before the boys love to decorate for holidays, Valentine's Day and Christmas are their favorites, but they love any excuse to make decorations for the house. Today we started looking for ways to decorate for Easter, and we found these cute little chicks!

The only problem was we didn't have anything to stuff inside of them, and couldn't find the perfect eyes in my collection of buttons and beads. This was obviously an emergency that required a trip to the store.

The boys searched through my scraps and picked out yarn for their chicks (and one for Elise too!), and I got started.

Man these little guys are cute! I can't wait to knit the rest of them, but only had time for this little blue chick for Noah before I need to start getting ready for dinner.

And then somebody got jealous that I wasn't taking pictures of her

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