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Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 4

Week 4

What am I cooking? I feel like I am in a cooking rut. I haven't really tried anything new at all this week.
What are we making? I'm working on the baby doll for Elise's birthday party tomorrow. Talk about cutting it close! I think I can do it though. All that's left is the machine sewing part, which will go fast as long as I have time to get to the machine today.

What am I knitting? All kinds of things for customers, those socks, a sweater, a gown, a hat. I should be back to stuff for the kids in a couple of weeks.

Something that has been a challenge this week? Communication. I don't know why, but it seems that things I say are taken the wrong way, or not completely understood. It's super frustrating for me, and I can only imagine frustrating for those I am trying to communicate with! I can't tell if I am just having serious issues even though I read and re-read what I am typing (in person I seem to be doing okay!), or if I am just extra lucky this week that everyone I talk to is struggling themselves.

What are my prayers/intentions for the week? For Elise! For unborn babies! For those considering abortion that they can find another option. And for those dealing with woman who have had/are considering abortion, that they can be loving while sharing their message.

What have I done for my marriage this week? We're getting boring, lots of movies, messing with Elise (she gets super jealous when we hug in front of her, so we have been doing that a lot just for fun)

What am I reading? Still reading Sing you Home. It's just not pulling me in the way the other Picoult books I've read have.

Weekend plans? Elise's first birthday party! I can't wait! I just need to hope I have enough time to get everything done. It's crunch time already!

What can my children do instead of TV? Play outside in the snow, build forts, color, clean their playroom (yes I made them do this yesterday), read books

Highlights of the week?  I sound like a broken record, but Elise's first birthday! I can't believe my baby is a year old already. It just doesn't seem possible.
What is Nathan doing? Building forts all over the house, working on his "school work", throwing dinner in his closet and telling us he is finished with it. NOT so happy about that one.

What is Noah doing? Getting better about letting me put his medicine in his eye, it's a one person job now thank goodness. Also stealing food and throwing it in the closet. I need to find a way to stop this from happening because it's driving me a little crazy.

What is Elise doing? Oh you know, just being cute. Tickling everything, alternating between wanting to be held all of the time, and wanting to follow the boys around everywhere. Climbing. She figured out this week she can get up on the couch if there are no cushions on it, so she is having a lot of fun with that!

The Birthday girl!

With her brothers
Building a snowman with daddy

Eating a snowball that daddy made for her

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