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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3

Week 3

What am I cooking? Nothing new and exciting this week, but I have been enjoying doing lots of baking.
What are we making? I haven't had much time to be creative this week, I'm hoping that comes back next week as I'm getting ready for Elise's party!

What am I knitting? Working on a gown, and a nb sweater. And I really need to start that second sock!

Something that has been a challenge this week? This whole week has been a challenge. Nathan poked Noah in the eye, which landed him in the ER Wednesday. Since then we've had to put antibiotic ointment in his eye every 6 hours which is a challenge in itself! 
Something is going on with out septic system...just in time for the weekend! So we're hoping it's nothing too major and we can survive until Monday when someone can come out and look at it. Why is it things like this always happen when you are planning to spend the day catching up on dishes and laundry? The good news is no dishes or laundry for me, the bad news is we really need to do dishes and laundry!
What are my prayers/intentions for the week? For everyone getting ready for the March for Life in DC this Monday. I wish I could be there!

What have I done for my marriage this week? We sat down and planned out our workout schedule. So it's not something we are doing at the exact same time, but it's given us much needed personal time, and it's fun to talk about what we did and our goals when we are together.

What am I reading? I just started "Sing You Home" by Jodi Picoult

Weekend plans? Going out for dinner tonight with the family for Colin and Matt's birthday's. Yes I know we went out last weekend, but they are twins, so I think 2 weekends is only fair.

What can my children do instead of TV? Build forts, play with trains, color, listen to music
Highlights of the week?  Dinner tonight! I can't wait
What is Nathan doing? Nathan has learned all of the words to "the farmer in the dell" and serenades us several times a day. He also got very interested in making spiders out of paper this week.

What is Noah doing? Noah is having a rough week with his corneal abrasion. He can't wait until he doesn't need medicine anymore! In the mean time he is getting into my fridge and stealing and hiding food. Anthony and I are not too happy with this.

What is Elise doing? Is still being cute, sleeping better by the day. I hope we are turning a corner with that! She still refuses to walk, and is getting ready for her first birthday this Tuesday!
We finally set up our gate for the wood burning stove last weekend, so it's been toasty and warm in here!

The crazy complicated socks I'm working on that I am absolutely in love with

The boys got a color your own spaceship for Christmas, and had lots of fun setting it up, coloring it, playing in it and then ultimately destroying it

Here is the aftermath of trying to put dye in a 3 year old's eye to check out his scratch

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