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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2

What am I cooking? I actually taught Anthony how to bake bread this week! He really wanted some pizza balls for a snack, but I was still in the middle of eating dinner, so I talked him through making the dough, and he even kneaded it while I got the kids ready for bed! It was the first thing he ever baked in his life, and he said he felt like he had just learned some fun new survival skill.

What are we making? Lot's of "school work" this week. My kids love to do workbooks and practice skills. They got a ton of great books for Christmas, so have spent much of the last week doing mazes, practicing cutting, working on writing letters and numbers. 

What am I knitting? Finished the first sock! And I'm in love. But it took so much concentration I needed to put the second one on hold for a little bit. So now I am working on a sweater for Elise for her birthday, and a gown for a customer.

Something that has been a challenge this week?Noah has been waking up in the middle of the night every. single. night. Some days I catch him just staring at me in our room, others getting into the fridge looking for food. I'm not sure why he is getting up, but it's making all of us a little sleepy.

What are my prayers/intentions for the week? Still working on that Novena to St. Joseph

What have I done for my marriage this week?It's been sort of a crazy week with lots of things to get done in the evenings, so I've been working extra hard to try and have the house in some sort of order and dinner ready before Anthony gets home so we can maximize the little time we have to hang out in the evenings.

What am I reading?I can't even remember what it's called. Some free book on Amazon, maybe "3 Girls and a Baby" or something like that. It's not very good, but I haven't had much time to read this week, so the one chapter a night before bed is tolerable. 

Weekend plans? Celebrating the 21st birthday of my brothers Colin, and Matt!

What can my children do instead of TV? Once again, school work, art projects, reading books. And it seems to have snowed a lot overnight, so maybe if I get brave we will venture out in it at some point. Right now it feels like -2 though, so not any time soon!

Highlights of the week?  Hanging out and eating wings with my brother and sister last night. Elise sleeping *almost* through the night. The kids are getting less sick every day, I just hope this trend continues!
What is Nathan doing? Practicing his cutting skills, building things with legos, getting better and better at recognizing letters

What is Noah doing? Waking up in the middle of the night for no reason, starting to write letters on his own, being a little sad and crabby from the lack of sleep.

What is Elise doing? Playing with her tea pot, telling us "no no no" whenever she doesn't like something. Starting to sleep a little better (as long as daddy doesn't keep waking her up!) Wanting to spend lots of time following the boys around and getting into whatever they are doing.

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