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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mr. Noah

I have a bunch of random Noah moments from the last few days that don't really fit together into any sort of themed post. So here you go!

1. Nathan poked Noah in the eye on Tuesday and we spent Wednesday in the Children's ER for a corneal abrasion. He seems completely fine now...until we have to put his antibiotics in every 6 hours. It's a 2-3 person job for sure.

2. Today he had his check up for his eye and they needed to put dye in his eye again to see that it was healing. I'm not sure if any actually even made it's way in, but here is what he looked like afterwards.
3. While I was in the shower today he stole an entire block of mozzarella cheese from the fridge and was just enjoying biting off pieces in the living room when I found him.

4. Noah just looked outside and said this:

"Mommy, why is there milk outside?"

Yes, he was channeling his Uncle Matt and talking about the about the snow. We both laughed hysterically once he realized what he had said.

5. And with all of this nonsense, he decided to potty train himself this week! Thank goodness! To be fair, he hadn't really been having many accidents. But this meant that I had to remind him to use the bathroom throughout the day, sometimes dragging him kicking and screaming. But he woke up sometime last week, went on his own, and we haven't had a problem since then! One day he is going to find this and be angry that I wrote about it in my blog, but I don't care! I'm just so excited!

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