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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dance Party Friday!

We've been slacking with dance party Friday now that Anthony has every other Friday off. He's not as much into the dance party as we are, and mostly just laughs at us. But he's out fishing this morning, so we're dancing with the music turn up loud.

Some of our favorites this morning are:
Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
Dynamite by Tao Cruz

I wish there was a way to share spotify playlists on here, does anyone know something I am missing?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Feast Day!

Happy Feast day my dear household sisters, and my little angels Nathan Michael and Noah Gabriel!

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..

O glorious prince St. Michael,
 chief and commander of the heavenly hosts,
 guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits,
servant in the house of the Divine King
and our admirable conductor,
 you who shine with excellence
and superhuman virtue deliver us from all evil,
who turn to you with confidence
and enable us by your gracious protection
 to serve God more and more faithfully every day.

Prayer to St. Gabriel
O loving messenger of the Incarnation, descend upon all those for whom I wish peace and happiness. Spread your wings over the cradles of the new-born babes, O thou who didst announce the coming of the Infant Jesus. Give to the young a lily petal from the virginal scepter in your hand. Cause the Ave Maria to re-echo in all hearts that they may find grace and joy through Mary. Finally, recall the sublime words spoken on the day of the Annunciation -- "Nothing is impossible with God," and repeat them in hours of trial -- to all I love -- that their confidence in Our Lord may be reanimated, when all human help fails. Amen 
Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners.
I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the "medicine of God" I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favor (here mention your special intention), and the great grace of purity to prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who is this crazy baby?

So even though Elise has been decidedly against napping lately, she is by far my easiest baby at night.

The normal night time routine goes something like this:

Sara and Anthony: "Hmmm I think I want to go to bed now"
get into bed, latch baby on, and she is out in less than 2 minutes and sleeps all night long.
I know her eyes look slightly opened, but she's passed out.

Tonight I found some Pumpkin Spice Chai and got way too excited and had to make myself a mug immediately. If you are following me on Pinterest, you know what I mean. I have more than a slight obsession with pumpkin. Add pumpkin to just about anything and I'm there.

So I'm drinking my Chai, watching some "How I Met Your Mother". Life is good.

Anthony says "hmmm I think I want to go to bed now"

We get into bed, latch the baby on and 2 minutes later instead of a sleeping baby she is laughing. Laughing. The baby who rarely laughs (very happy, but stingy with the laughing) cannot stop laughing. And blowing raspberries, and singing, with the occasionally high pitched happy baby shriek thrown in.

I look down and tell her it's time for bed...and she smacks me in the face...and laughs. This is now a game.

Anthony rolls over trying to ignore the fact that there is a laughing flailing baby in our bed, which only reminds her that he is there too. And now ALL she wants to do is pull the blanket off of his head and smack him in the face too.

At this point we were banished from the bedroom because we're obviously not going to bed anytime soon. The laughing and smacking is continuing from the dinning room table.
Temporarily mesmerized by the webcam

So no more Pumpkin Spice Chai for me :( Unless of course I have some reason in the future to have to keep her awake.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Looking over my recent post it looks like I've been a little cranky lately, I promise to *try* to have a better attitude in my next post :)


I used to be a patient person...then I had children.
Do not be fooled by the cute smile, he is up to no good. This is right after he showed me that he broke my tape measure (can be seen in the bouncer seat)

Today is really testing my limits.

I wonder if the 3 of them got together while I was in the shower and had a little chat.

Nathan: Hey guys, I know we've been really good lately, but mom is getting a little too relaxed, I think we need to push her a bit today to give her some practice in not completely losing it.

Noah: I know, how about I chase you around begging you to suffocate me with a blanket and then cry hysterically when you actually do?

Nathan: Perfect, maybe come bug me in time outs too so that I can cry that you are bothering me.

Noah: Done and done.

Nathan: And Elise, how about you don't nap again, I know we've been working you over time lately, but we're going to need you to stay awake and cry every time mom is out of your sight if this is going to work. Maybe even cry if she isn't holding you, right when she is trying to make dinner is the best time for that.

"SMILE baby!"

Elise: gagagagagla

Nathan: And while we're at it, we might as well completely ignore her when she asks us to clean up that mess in the playroom.

Noah: And I will kick you repeatedly if you try to clean it up, so you can blame it all on me when it doesn't get done.

Nathan: shhhh I think she's coming.

And so far the plan is working beautifully. They are testing me. REALLY  testing me. All I can say is God bless whoever invented crock pots because at least dinner for tonight is done. Everything else? Let's just say I'm glad I'm not having company over any time soon.

And my patience level? All time low. It's muddy outside, but I am very seriously considering throwing them outside for the next hour so that even though I won't have a chance to clean up anything, at least it won't get any worse.

Monday, September 26, 2011

If you don't have anything nice to say...

What is it about the internet that makes people forget common courtesy? That makes them say things I can never in a million years imagine them saying in a face to face situation?

I've been noticing more and more lately on facebook among other places, that people seem to have forgotten what it means to be polite. Or their mother never taught them "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I love facebook for the ability to have a discussion with other people right now instead of waiting for an opportunity to be in the same room with other adults (not going to happen any time soon!), but it's really starting to bother me that facebook doesn't seem to follow the same rules for politeness as the real world does.

I think sometimes with social media, we give ourselves a false sense of security, that our "homepage" is our little home and we can play by our own rules. What we forget though is that on facebook, we're never home alone with just our family, we have perpetual house guests in every person we are friends with. They see what we say, what we do, and have the ability to comment and join in the conversation even though we are not face to face.

Maybe I just grew up in a sheltered environment, maybe it was just that my parents were awesome (and they are) and taught me to treat other people with respect when speaking to them, but I can't help but think that it's not just me. I refuse to believe that people treat others with such blatant disrespect when face to face.

Can you imagine a situation where you walked up to someone you don't know (think having a conversation on a friends wall with their friends) and called them a pig? This is a stranger, someone you have never met. And that "piglike" behavior they are displaying? Feeding their baby in a grocery store without a cover. I just can't fathom that happening in real life, and if it does, it makes me a little sad.

Or what about walking into a party with all of your friends and openly announcing that you think religion is stupid, or vaccines are killing your children, or if you homeschool your children will be socially awkward and their intellectual growth stunted? Knowing full well that you have religious, vaccinating, homeschooling friends at your party.

Yes, those are you opinions, and we are all entitled to them, but those are some bold statements to make knowing full well that those on opposing side are sitting right there.

I'm not saying hide who you are on facebook, we don't have to live in a world where we all believe the same things, but use some common courtesy. Not everyone thinks the way that you do, maybe try not to bring others down while building yourself up.

I'm guilty myself of venting, or getting upset about things I don't agree with (heck, that is what THIS post is about!). But I try to catch myself when I start to go into attack mode, and think "would I say this if they were sitting right here next to me?"

Have the discussion, talk about differences, I love a good debate. But the key word there is "debate" not attack. Have a little respect for others, even if they disagree with you. You don't have to agree with them, but as another human being I would hope you would at least respect them enough not to get into name calling or personal attacks.

As a Catholic woman and mother, I use Mary as my model. I fail daily at loving the way she loves, but that doesn't mean I don't keep trying.

"The mother of God teaches us to open ourselves to the action of God, to see others as he sees them - starting from the heart. And to look upon them with mercy, with love (and) with infinite tenderness, especially those who are most alone, despised and exploited," Pope Benedict XVI

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Love Story: Engaged

Not very long into our dating relationship I knew I was going to marry Anthony, I mean, before we were even dating I knew that I probably could marry him, but it didn't take too much longer for me to know. We were however only 19 year old, and only saw each other 4 months a year.

The second summer we were dating, when we were 21, Anthony asked if I wanted to go out to dinner and for a walk at my favorite park. We were poor college students, so going out to eat was a pretty rare and exciting thing for us. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant (we have a thing for salsa, our first date was to Chi Chi's which sadly no longer exists due to a contaminated meat issue). Having no idea what was going on, I offered to pay for my half, remember, we were poor college students, but Anthony wouldn't let me.

We then went to my favorite park, part of which was some trails that went up into big rock formations and ledges. That sounded like a fun hike, so off we went! Anthony, who had never been there, had no idea what to expect. Later he told me he was nervous and uncomfortable the whole time looking for a place he could propose, but there were people everywhere. I once again was clueless, either Anthony had suddenly gotten really good at hiding his feelings from me, or I was so preoccupied with climbing ledges that I didn't even notice.

When we finished our hike I really wanted to take him to the lake, since he loves fishing. He said he would rather just sit and talk for a while. This was my first clue something was up, Anthony loves fishing. We sat and chatted for a while, I don't even remember what about. And then he told me he had a present for me. If you know Anthony, you know he is not really into presents. Sure for birthday's and Christmas (most of the time), but other than that the whole idea of a present other than food just boggles his mind. So now I KNEW something was going on.

He told me how much he loved me, pulled a box out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and then my legs started shaking so hard I couldn't stand up. I was just so excited!

And I just have to share 2 stories of telling our families, because they still make me laugh.

First, we wanted to stop by my parents house and tell them, the only problem was my parents were in the middle of redecorating their house and there were drop clothes and paint and moved boxes everywhere. They were NOT up for company. I knew they wouldn't want us to just show up with the house like this, but I also knew that there was no way my mom was going to agree to us coming over to hang out with the house in disarray either. I finally convinced her after much begging to let us stop by and watch a movie on the deck. I really couldn't think of anything else. And she was mad. Of course all of the feelings of annoyance went away as soon as we showed up and I could tell her.

Then I called my sister who was not home, and she pretty much told me I was lying, and then made sure she was my maid of honor. Yep, that's Nina :)

Second story, we drove over to Anthony's parents house to tell them. It was 4th of July weekend and out in the country everyone is setting off fireworks. As we walked in the dark to the front of the house we suddenly heard someone say "hi". It was his sister Anna standing on top of their van in the dark so she could see the fireworks better. It still makes me laugh to think about.

We went inside and everyone was watching a movie, Mike was the only one who Anthony had told he bought a ring, so he knew it was happening. Anthony's sister Marian figured out pretty fast too. We were waiting for the movie to be over to talk with everyone, but Mike and Marian could not stop turning around to look at us. Anthony must have told them to cut it out 100 times before the last 10 minutes of the movie was over and we could share with everyone.

A toast! Someone said something funny and I can't remember anymore what it was. I can't believe how tiny I was! I still have that shirt somewhere and I refuse to believe it ever actually fit.

A Love Story: Dating

We continued talking about anything and everything that whole fall semester, and by the time I came home for Halloween, I knew that Anthony was the kind of guy I wanted to marry. Don't misunderstand, I was in no way ready to be engaged at that point, but I knew that he was someone who I *could* marry one day.

Little did I know, he was thinking the same thing.

So as not to ruin the friendship, I just kept on being friends, figuring at some point if he felt the same way I would know. Apparently we were both too good at keeping the secret.

I had told a few of our friends, including his brother Mike, but included that I wasn't going to act on it, and keeping the friendship we had was more important to me Especially since we only saw each other during summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

By Christmas time when we were home again I was sort of upset and frustrated, another friend was very interested in Anthony, and I really thought he was interested in her as well. As much as I tried to just stay friends, my feelings of not wanting him to date someone else were getting in the way. Christmas Eve we all went to mass together, when we got home that night Anthony and I got on AIM as usual and he asked me what was wrong. I tried to brush it off, but he knew me well enough at that point to know I was lying. He said there was something he wanted to talk to me about, and we agreed to meet the day after Christmas to go shopping and talk. I was 100% convinced he was going to tell me that he was going to start dating our other friend and I needed to stop acting like I liked him.

I chatted briefly with Mike Christmas night, and he told me he and Anthony had been talking and he just wanted to warn me that it may not be what I was hoping for.

I hadn't slept in 2 days, I was pretty much a mess. He picked me up in the morning and we started to drive. I still remember where we were in the road when he said "I'm not interested in (insert name here), I like you".
See what I didn't know was that Mike, knowing the whole story, sat Anthony down after we got offline that night and laid it all out for him. Discovering at the same time that Anthony had felt the way I had all along. The whole "may not be what you are hoping for" thing was just to mess with my head. Thanks Mike!

We walked around and talked that day, we knew how we felt, but were unsure of how it would with with me in Ohio and him in New York City. We finally ended up at church, prayed a rosary together and decided that even if it wasn't going to work, we were willing to give it a try.

I won't lie, long distance dating is hard. It's hard going 11 weeks at a time without seeing each other and only having the phone and internet to communicate (and these were days before skype!) but it was worth it. And by the time we started dating we had spent so long being best friends that it was as if we skipped the first few "get to know you" months and just fell into a comfortable rhythm.

We were inseparable when we were both home, and counted down the days until we would be together again when we were at school.
A couple of weeks after we started dating, we were so little!

The next few photos are from a photo shoot with Mike. He said he would only take the pictures if we did exactly what he said. You could argue we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed, but we knew Mike a little too well to expect anything but what follows.

Anthony still keeps this one in his wallet, though last I checked I think it's covered up by his PE license... but it's still there!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Love Story: Friends

When Anthony came home from school that summer we were at a party together. We were both just chatting a bit about school since we were the 2 oldest in our group of mutual friends, and the only 2 who had been away to college yet. I mentioned I would be going to the Steubenville again because they had a few extra spaces at the last minute. He told me that he would really like to go too. Um, really? The guy who scared me last year with how much he seemed to be hating what was going on? But he got one of the extra spots and went. And that weekend is one of those moments I will never forget. I got to see a real life conversion up close. Not that Anthony was a bad person, or that he wasn't Catholic or something extreme like that, but I got to witness someone who a year before was completely closed down to the entire experience praying and singing and so completely open to the Holy Spirit working in him that it quite literally brought tears to my eyes. THAT was the moment I knew we were going to be best friends. And we have been ever since!

We spent the rest of the summer together, a group of 6 of us, hanging out every single day. For hours. I don't think any of us slept that summer since we were all working full time too. But it was one of the best summers of my life.

We went to mass together, watched movies, prayed rosaries, had parties. We were all there for each other no matter what the need was. Any one of us was willing to drop everything for someone else if we needed to. It was amazing, and Anthony and I became better and better friends.

I was still dating someone else at this time (also in our close group), but my mom would often tell me I should date Anthony because he just seemed so perfect for me. I just laughed, we were just friends. I had no intention of dating him.

At the end of the summer my boyfriend broke up with me, Anthony was the one who listened to me talk through it on the phone for hours and hours that night.

I went back to school a week before he did, and he drove up for the day to check up on me and hang out one last time before he flew out to NYC to go back to school.

We started talking on the phone or on AIM every single day. We joked at first that it was just because we missed home and our friends so much and it would probably stop once we got back into the swing of things, but no more than a day went by for the rest of our college years without us talking to each other.

A Love Story: How We Met

Anthony and I grew up 2.3 miles from each other, as children we had some of the same friends, maybe even went to the same birthday parties, but we didn't know each other.

One summer we drove his little sister to ballet because we went to the same studio, I still only vaugely knew he existed.

In high school we went to the same church, we were in the same confirmation class, we sat in the same room once a month for classes and were confirmed together. We still didn't know each other.

I met his brother Mike while we were both part of the youth group at our church (Anthony didn't like it), Mike and I became friends pretty quickly and he later confessed that when he met me he thought I should date his brother (even though he was dating someone else at the time), so he started hanging out with me in hopes that Anthony would meet me too.

The first time I ever talked to Anthony was the day of our graduation parties. Yes, we unknowingly planned our graduation parties on the same day, 2.3 miles away from each other. Since we had friends in common they were going from one party to the other. I got a phone call from Mike and another friend telling me that they couldn't make it to my party because they were having too much fun at Anthony's (thanks guys!) only they couldn't work up the courage to actually tell me, so they put Anthony on the phone to do it for them. Our first conversation went something like this

Anthony: So, um congratulations
Me: Thanks, you too
Anthony: Mike and Alissa wanted me to tell you that they are not going to make it.
Me: Oh, well thanks for telling me. Have a good rest of you party.
Anthony: alright, you too, bye.

What I really wanted to say was "tell them they are both jerks" (just kidding guys!) but it was a little awkward talking to someone I had never met before and telling him to tell his brother and friend to leave his party. So we left it at that.

After that Mike had been talking Anthony up to me, telling me what a cool guy he was, and how much he hated his current girlfriend. I still didn't get that this was a set up, just thought he must have a cool brother, he seemed cool enough on the phone. I finally met Anthony for the first time when we both attended a Steubenville Youth conference with our parish. Let's just say I wasn't impressed.

In fact, I will go so far to say as I didn't like Anthony and was sort of scared of him.

In his defense, our friends had forced him into going, he really didn't want to be there, he felt pressured and was not open to having a good weekend. All I saw was a guy who constantly looked like he wanted to punch someone and gave Mike and Alissa who were supposed to be his friends (and brother!) a death glare every time they got within 2 feet of him.

We went off to college, I started dating someone else, another mutual friend. Anthony continued to date his high school girlfriend. When we were both home for Christmas we all went sledding together, and went to movies together, but I still didn't really get to know him at all other than Mike's crabby brother. The crabbiness could have also come from our friends constantly making fun of his girlfriend. So much so that he had even left a new years party long before midnight because he was sick of it. I didn't know him, I didn't know her, so I just stayed out of the whole thing.

It didn't last much longer though, they broke up and Anthony started looking forward to coming home and spending time with the rest of us.


Over the next few days I am going to be posting about how I met my husband, how we started dating, our engagement and our wedding (yay 5 year anniversary tomorrow!) The posts are long, they are wordy (I am wordy), but they tell a great story that I would like to have in writing before my children completely rob my brain of the capacity to remember anything.

Don't worry, I'll be back to blogging about my crazy children next week :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can I have a "do over"?

Ever have one of those days you wish you could just hit "restart" and just go back from the beginning of the day and start again? We're halfway through day number 2 like this.

The kind of day where no one naps. Even when they were up over an hour past their bedtime the night before.

And it's as though your timing is off on everything. Not just off in an annoying sort of way, but so perfectly off that things could not have gone more wrong if you planned them that way.

You spend 30 minutes getting the cranky baby to sleep only for  the 3 year old to run screaming through the room at the exact second you lay her down. Or on attempt number 3 to put the same child down (I don't even remember how the second time failed) her dress gets stuck as you lay her down and she again wakes up sad and confused to be in her room instead of being held.

The kind of day where to snap everyone out of this funk you decide to run some errands, just to get out of the house. You spend an hour looking for the 4 year olds shoes (who loses 2 pairs of shoes in 3 days!?) only to give up and tell him to put on his snow boots, can't find a single pair of socks that fit the baby, and all the while the 3 year old is following you crying "I just want to go". Finally walk out to the car and realize that the car that is here doesn't have car seats in it. You will now spend the next 5 hours explaining to your 3 year old over and over again that we can't go to the store while he cries back "I just want to go! It's so hard to wait!"

One of those days where in attempt to feel like you are actually accomplishing something, you load the dishwasher while the baby is crying, start it up and realize halfway through the cycle that you left a dish in the sink and water is starting to overflow onto the floor (but hey at least I caught it before it made a HUGE mess!)

A day where EVERYTHING is the end of the world to your children and they feel the need to throw themselves on the floor and cry because you accidentally looked at them after they told you "don't look at me anymore mommy". And you just want to lay down on the floor and cry with them...but you resist, because you are after all a 27 year old woman and not a 3 year old.

One of those days where you just want to look up a recipe on the internet...but it has conveniently stopped working for the day! Or when it does decide to work it's so slow it won't load what you need it to. 

The kind of day where you would just like 5 minutes (really more like 5 hours, but that just seems unrealistic) of silence, without someone touching you, talking to you, asking you questions, crying while hanging on to you leg, running through the house screaming and throwing toys...but it just never happens. It's like they have special radar to know when you are pushed to the limit and they push just a *little* bit further every few seconds to see what might happen.

And when you finally do get those 5 minutes (or more like 3 or 4, but I'll take it!) and sit down to knit away the realize one of the kids pulled you knitting needles out of a complicated project and you have to very carefully pick all of the stitches back up. And then while ignoring that project, because you know you won't have time to do it carefully, you realize that you made a mistake on your other project and have to very carefully go back and change all of the knit stitches to purl stitches and the purl stitches to knit stitches.

Like I said, I couldn't have planned it more perfectly wrong had a tried.

So can I start over now? Can we just wake up and do something fun instead?

Maybe we will read this later

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Beginning of Fall!

Alright, I know, fall is technically still a couple of days away. But everyone has gone back to school, and it's 60 degrees and it's fall. I have to take what I can get, because living in Ohio, chances of it snowing and becoming literally freezing outside before this season is over are great.

Friday afternoon we came home from playgroup to see the xbox on and the car gone. It was his day off, so I was expecting him to be home, and after an unfortunate incident involving his phone and the roof of our car there was no way to call him and see where he was.

Turns out he decided to take a trip to the Rocky River, and brought us back with him on Saturday to check it out.

The boys had a great time jumping around, climbing on things, throwing rocks in the water. We even got to see some horses up close since it was a great day for horseback riding.

This fall we have big plans to visit as many local parks as we can. Hopefully getting to 1 each weekend until it's too cold for us to want to be outside anymore.

Last fall Anthony was busy studying for his PE exam and we sometimes didn't see him for days, so we're making up for lost time this year!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Dinosaur Party!

I am just going to apologize now, before I start this post. I am the worst at taking pictures. During parties I even think to myself "I should be taking pictures right now" and then whatever I am doing seems so much more important than actually taking pictures of doing it. So there aren't many. But the fact that I took any pictures at all is great news!
I did grab my camera for this one. How could you not?

So Nathan turned 4! And he wanted a dinosaur party, or he did 6 weeks ago when I started planning in my head, and I wouldn't let him change when he decided he wanted a "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" party 1 week before.

I think he had a great time! He got to play with his uncles, and his cousin, plus visit with grandparents and even more aunts and uncles. And he got an exploding train bridge, at 4, what more could you want?
The great banner my mom made. My poor son would have had no decorations if not for my mom. I just didn't get to it.

I decided to go with a finger food theme because I knew it was something the boys would actually eat and enjoy, and way less messy than traditional food.

So we did mini macaroni and cheese with this recipe. Thank goodness I put them in mini foil liners, because they didn't stay together quite as much as I hoped they would. It may have had something to do with waiting to bake them until they day off. But the foil liners kept everything contained nicely.

And Pizza balls. Wow those went quickly. I made 138 for a party of about 25 people. And there was not a single one left. Maybe I'll post a recipe later. They are so good.

Then there was the cake. I may or may not have mentioned the the past just how much I hate cake. Or maybe I don't hate cake, I just don't like it. At all. Every birthday I end up making a big cake, and exactly 3 people have a piece, and then the thing sits on my counter with a big piece of foil over it for 3 days as we slowly pick away at half of it. Eating it just because it is there and we feel guilty that I made it, but not because we actually want to eat it.

So this time I decided to take a different approach, cake pops! Oh my gosh, they were a pain in the butt, but I may never make a full sized cake again! I would actually contemplate decorating Styrofoam to have a fancy looking cake, but then still just make the cake pops to eat. For the first time ever, there was no cake to clean up, because there again was not a single one left.

I learned some things for next time when making cake pops.

1.Smaller is better. Just a little bit bigger than a quarter doesn't seem like a huge deal, but heavier than that and they want to fall into the dipping chocolate or just break in half while being coated.

2.Sprinkles are your friends. It is surprisingly difficult to get the chocolate to look smooth and pretty on a cake ball on a stick. Sprinkles would have totally covered this up and made them look like I knew what I was doing.

3. Tipping the bowl you are using almost completely sideways is the only way to get the chocolate all the way down by the base of the cake pop and stick. Don't stick it straight down. It will fall off. Even if you put the stick in chocolate before inserting it and left it in the freezer for a while to firm up. It will still fall off.

4. No matter how hard you try, red cake pops on white sticks will not look like dinosaur eggs, they will just look like red balloons. If you try to add blue dots to them with food marker, it will just look like a red balloon with mold growing on it. Just give up and let them look like balloons. 
Don't they look like a bunch of red balloons?

Let's see, oh! the exploding train bridge. My sister may or may not have been making fun of me when she said "Exploding train fun for the whole family! Watch your favorite characters plunge to their death in a fiery train accident!" So maybe it's sort of a weird birthday present, but it is so cool. And Nathan has been asking for this set for exactly 8 months. Pretty much right after Christmas when he discovered it existed. But the poor thing has a September birthday and no real reason to buy him a huge gift in the middle of the year. But he kept asking about it for 8 solid months, so we knew it would be something he loved. And he has spent every waking minute playing with it since the moment we opened it. He even gets nervous about going to eat meals, because it wants to play with

Too busy to eat breakfast, must play with trains. And before you ask, No, Noah is not wearing pants. Have I posted about potty training yet?

Elise hanging out with Aunt Nina. I promise she was having more fun than it looks like!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am a sweeping guy!

Yes, those words just came out of Nathan's mouth.

My two little boys are wearing Anthony's shoes, and sweeping my kitchen for me. Anyone know any secrets to making this love of cleaning last through the teenage years? I've heard they are not so into cleaning up after themselves, much less helping out with other chores at that age.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 years ago, right at this time, I was getting ready for bed for the last time without a baby. I had no idea that in a few hours I'd wake up with contractions, and start getting ready to go to the hospital.

We had just moved into our brand new little home on Labor Day, and being almost 9 months pregnant I was a little slow at unpacking and putting things away. The carpet cleaners were coming in the morning so I spent the whole day and that evening at least getting all of the boxes off of the carpets. I way overdid it.

At midnight I woke up with some contractions, I had them pretty often at this point, so it didn't bother me too much. But after an hour they were only getting closer together and I wasn't sleeping anymore so I woke up Anthony and called my dr.

By the time we packed a bag (I had barely unpacked my house much less packed a hospital bag!) and drove to the hospital my water had broken and we were just a couple of hours away from meeting our little guy!

At 7:35am, after and hour of pushing and a broken tailbone, Nathan Michael Mion was born. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 21" long. He had a TON of red hair that the nurses played with until it stuck up in a Mohawk for weeks.

Tonight before bed we watched videos since he was born, it is amazing how much he has grown up in the last 4 years.

1st birthday

2nd birthday
3rd birthday
and my big 4 year old!
He is such a great big brother, and awesome helper. Some days I'm not sure how I could handle the other 2 without his help. I've loved watching this little guy grow over the last 4 years, and I can't wait to see the person he becomes!

Happy Birthday Nathan! We love you!