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Monday, March 28, 2011

Small moments-boxes

4 days until moving day and there are boxes everywhere. Most of the boys toys have been packed up at this point, and you would think that would be a problem...but not when we have boxes!

They have so many uses for some preschoolers, including, but not limited to:

Jungle gym
hiding place
stepping stool
surprise holder (Nathan likes to hide things in them and then tell me he has a surprise)
and they are even great for letter identification practice. Noah can't stop pointing out the letters he knows written on the boxes!

Maybe when we move I should throw out the toys and keep the boxes. It sure would make cleaning up a lot easier!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 months old!

Elise is 2 months old today, I can't believe how fast time is going. Here is what our little peanut is up to.

She loves to be held and watch people. If I am holding her to my chest she will arch her head back so she can look at my face. Super cute, but makes wearing her difficult sometimes since I still have to hold her head so she can see me.

Still a great sleeper, she typically takes three 2-3 hour naps a day, and sleeps most of the night just waking up once or twice to eat and snuggle back in.

We don't have a scale, but based on her weight gain at 6 weeks, I am going to guess she is about 9lbs 8oz right now, and barely squeezing into her nb clothes.

She's getting pretty good at smiling, though still only does it when she feels like it making it hard to catch on camera. She loves her brothers and will often smile right after they give her a kiss.

Elise likes to cuddle with her daddy while he plays video games, which is a big change from her brothers who didn't warm up to Anthony until they were a bit older.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Small moments - Would you like a chip?

The boys absolutely love their sister, I was worried they would be jealous of a baby getting so much attention, but it's quite the opposite, they want to give her just as much attention as I do! Hopefully this lasts when she gets old enough to steal their toys, and knock down their towers.

I love that they love her, but this also means that I have to watch her like a hawk. Noah often thinks that he can pick her up (thank goodness I've always been able to stop him before he can actually do it)

This morning Noah was so kind to try and share one of his tortilla chips with Elise. Even after I explained that babies can't eat chips he was still quite upset. It's hard to watch a 2 year old WANT to share and have to tell him that he can't.

Sidenote: Elise seemed really excited about the prospect of eating a chip smiling as she saw it coming and then opening her mouth nice and wide to help Noah out. I have a feeling she will have no problem jumping right into mischief with her brothers as soon as she can!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Small moments - Nap Time?

Nap time.
The 2 favorite words of moms everywhere. 2 hours of quiet. 2 hours of time to clean, knit, read, or my very favorite most days sleep! Cause if you are a mom, most likely you need a nap just as much as your kids do.

When you have a baby, sleep comes naturally (most of the time, see my post on Noah for a different point of view!) naps happen often, and take very little coaxing in the early days.

Then comes toddlerhood, and for some reason cutting back on naps seems to give them an idea that they have power of whether or not they need to take a nap, and they really do NEED to take a nap! Moving from a crib to a bed, adding another sibling, cutting out that second nap all contribute to the madness of trying to get a toddler to nap. I can't tell you how many days Noah has played in his room for 2 solid hours, determined not to take a nap, only to pass out 20 minutes later sitting in a chair or in my lap because he was so tired he just passed out the second he stopped moving.

And then there are preschool naps, I will say, I know just how lucky I am that my preschooler still naps. There were many times I could have totally given up on naps (as he seemed to) and just let him skip. But check out that first paragraph for all of the reasons that I was persistent in setting up a preschooler nap routine.

This has been by far the most interesting *napping* that I have experienced so far. Nathan's nap time routine goes something like this.

1:00 use the bathroom
1:05 get pillow and blanket and bring them downstairs
1:06 complain that there is not enough room on the floor for said pillow and blanket and request that mom cleans up the room first (It's not THAT bad, just moving a couple of toys that the picky preschooler took out himself. You would think it was the end of the world for him though)
1:08 lay out pillow and blanket and lay down
1:09 get up and straighten blanket so it is completely flat and all the way spread out, and not touching anything else
1:10 lay down again
1:11 "mom, I need a drink"
1:12 drink water in kitchen
1:13 lay down again
1:14 "Mom, I love you, goodnight, sweet dreams!" "Goodnight Nathan, I love you too" "Sweet dreams mom!" "Aright, sweet dreams Nathan"

I secretly vow that I am just going to ignore him after this and not engage him in talking

1:15 "Mom, you're my favorite friend" "You're my favorite friend too Nathan, it's time for bed"

10 minutes ago I was a mean mom for making him sleep, I can't miss this once a day opportunity to be his "favorite friend" Plus I know he's only saying it because Noah is in the other room and I'll soon be replaced.

1:16 "mom, you're the best mom in the whole world" "Thanks Natey, your the best Nate in the whole world, now take a nap"

Now really, how can you ignore that?

1:17 Fake snoring "Nathan, please stop and take a nice nap"
1:18 "Mom, you lay down and take a nice nap, with that baby" "Alright, I will"

At this point I NEED a nap

Luckily shorty after this Nathan realizes it's been close to 20 minutes and I am not going to forget he is supposed to be napping. And the house is quiet for the next hour and 40 minutes

Friday, March 11, 2011

The snow is back.

Weeks ago when the snow melted for the first time Nathan cried. He missed "his" snow. But even Nathan is tiring of the snow now. When he opened the curtains this morning and saw the snow it almost brought on another wave of tears.

Mom, the snow is back. I don't want it to be back.

Neither do I Natey, neither do I.

I can see it now, it will continue to rain or snow until the day we move, and we'll completely miss out on using our sidewalks a few more times before moving out to the country. Sure we'll have a big back yard and that will be beyond wonderful, but I'll miss our daily walks.

When Anthony and I first got married we rented a little house still in town. For the year before Nathan was born I walked to work, we walked to church and often just took walks together in the shade of the trees that covered the sidewalks
The guys walking over from our first house to our wedding

Just days after Nathan was born and I definitely couldn't drive the two of us walked to the library every day (it was temporarily just around the corner from us while being renovated).
Getting ready to leave for one of our first walks to the library

When Nathan was having a hard time getting to sleep we discovered that walking before bed was like magic and we started nightly 1 mile walks around the neighborhood.
Going for a job with daddy

When Noah was a baby I popped them both in the double stroller and we walked to grocery stores for a treat (and some great exercise!)

Last summer we ventured even farther, taking trips to the movie theater for the boys first movie, or breakfast at Panara when we wanted something special to do.

Nathan's favorite place to walk is still Walmart, and he probably knows that place like the back of his hand from the number of times we've walked to and around that place for something to do on a hot day with no car.

During the last 12 months of not having a car, walking saved our sanity, thank goodness we'll have another vehicle again soon so we can get out without our sidewalks.

I am beyond excited to move, but the one thing I will miss is our walks.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Small moments - Butter for Breakfast

For the last couple of months the boys have been quietly waking up before I do and sneaking downstairs.

Usually it's not a big deal, occasionally they will get themselves something to eat out of the fridge, or turn on all of the lights and start playing with some toys. But I usually wake up and come down within a few minutes of hearing their little feet running around downstairs.

This morning I was still asleep upstairs with Elise when Nathan came into my room and said "mom, come downstairs now. Noah is in the refrigerator!"

I got Elise and came down the stairs to find an entirely previously unopened package of butter (4 sticks) unwrapped and in the beginning stages of being smeared on my kitchen floor!

When I asked Noah why he was getting into the butter he replied "I not know!" of course.

I have no idea what made him get into the butter when there were so many other things sitting right out he could have easily eaten, but something about the butter was interesting this morning.

Usually Monday mornings predict or set a tone of the rest of the week, so I'm bracing myself for an interesting one.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've been totally slacking with the blogging this week, but that's because I've been packing!

Only 26 days left until moving day!

And that sounds like a lot, but I know it's going to sneak up on us, so we've been trying to chip away at it when we can.

I also want to be super organized this time. Last time we moved I was 8.5 months pregnant and 4 days away from having Nathan. I was not organized, I was in survival mode already, just trying to get it all done so we could actually be in our house before the baby was born. Then before we even had time to unpack we had a newborn! And it seems we've been playing catch up with our "stuff" ever since.

So this time I'm doing things right. One thing you should know about me is I am actually a very organized person. In the sense that I love nothing more than having a place for absolutely everything, I love lists. Oh how I love lists. I would be embarrassed to show you the things I have lists of. The problem lies in the execution of this organization. Maybe if I spent less time making lists, and more time cleaning everything would *actually* be in it's place.

But like I said, I WILL do it this time.

So far each box has a number, and an assigned room that it will go in at the new house. This way when family and friends are helping us move they can put the box exactly where it goes instead of sorting through all of the boxes later.

I have a list (yep the first of many lists for packing) of what is in each box so when I am unpacking I can do it in a systematic way.

I have one HUGE rule this time. No boxes of random stuff that just needed a place to go. Everything will have a place at the new house, so everything will have a box when we are packing.

And with all of this organizing, I am getting rid of a lot of things too. It feels good to do a deep clean of everything that we own and purge the stuff we don't need. I'm really looking forward to a clutter free house (at least until we acquire new stuff I don't know what to do with)