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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day number 1 with 3 kids and mom *updated throughout the day

7:15 Both boys are up and ready to start the day

7:30 Noah tries to reach into the toaster while I'm changing the baby and very nearly burns his little fingers. Luckily Nathan yells at him just as he is feeling the heat and decides against it.

8:30 Nathan brings me Anthony's goggles...which I know were in his bookbag. I go upstairs to find the contents emptied in the boys room

9:00 Noah has a meltdown and insists on sitting on my lap and cuddling, sitting next to me will not do

11:06 Noah dumps an entire bottle of Miralax on the kitchen floor and then plays in it like sand with a sand shovel.

11:08 Noah turns on the garbage disposal while I'm in the bathroom and then runs away to hide

12:30 Nap time for all 3 babies and mom

3:09 Noah locks himself in his room after nap time, and doesn't know how to unlock the door

3:20 I discover the only screwdriver small enough to unlock the door is in the car...with Anthony at work. We improvise stripping the plastic off of a bobby pin and poor sad Noah is set free.

5:30 Dad's on his way home, we made it!

Really it wasn't any different from a normal day, Elise sleeps so much it was just like keeping up with the boys like usual. The only real difference was Noah being a little sad that he couldn't be right in my lap all of the time.

At one point Elise was nursing and he kept poking her in the cheek saying "stop" lol

Elise's Birth Story

Now that my little sweetheart is a week old, here's the story of how she (finally!) was born after 17 and a half hours.

At my dr's appointment Friday I was dilated 3cm. With each of the boys I went into labor between 3 and 4, so while I didn't know when, I had a feeling it wouldn't be too long.

Saturday night I went to a movie with my sister, when I got home I had a horrible upset stomach, and was pretty sure labor was coming soon, but was not having any contractions. Completely different from how things happened with either of the boys, but again, I felt like we were getting closer.

Sunday I woke up pretty confident that today was the day, and given my history of fast labors told Anthony I would rather he stay home with me than go to help his dad with his aunt's basement.

By the afternoon contractions had started, but were nothing too strong or out of the ordinary. 

By 1 contractions were 3 minutes apart, but not strong. At 4:30 they were 2 minutes apart and getting strong. I was confident we would have a baby by 8pm that night. She definitely had other plans.

I called my mom and had her come over so we wouldn't feel rushed to leave when we knew it was time. Around 8 not much was really changing, but I had been in labor for so long compared to the boys (6.5 and 5.5 hours) that I thought we should go to the hospital.
Anthony and I drove around on some bumpy roads hoping to give things a little jump start.

When we got to the hospital the contractions had really slowed down, the nurse hesitantly checked me and said they might send me home. I was only 4cm dilated. We walked the halls for an hour, and I hoped things were speeding up enough to make some progress. After and hour of walking I had dilated to 5. Still not super thrilled with how slow things were going, but they admitted me and we got a room.

After that things slowed WAY down. Contractions were back to 2 minutes apart, but by 11 I was only at 6cm. At 1am I was at 7. Nothing I did seemed to make them get any stronger or more productive and Anthony and I were starting to get really tired. We thought for sure we would have had a baby by then. So around 2:30 (still 7cm) we decided to try and rest a while. Anthony fell asleep, I tried to rest as much as I could between contractions.

Right around 4:20 while Anthony was still sleeping I started thinking about the fact that today was the March for Life in Washington DC and how ironic on a day where thousands of people were gathering to celebrate life I was getting ready to bring life into the world. I wrote a blog post about it just before my water was broken, (see previous post)

My dr showed up at 4:30am to check me again, still 7, so he broke my water. Up until this point, labor was long and annoying, but really pretty pleasant. Anthony and I were joking around, watching movies, surfing the web. This changed really really fast.

Contractions got very intense, and it became obvious that the baby was posterior. After an hour I was still at 7, and the baby would not turn while contractions continued to get stronger. I could no longer focus on anything but just making it through each contraction and hoping she would turn or I would at least start making some progress.

By 6 I had had enough, I was at 8cm and the baby was still posterior. I told the nurse who was helping us that I would not wear the monitor even for a few minutes to check the baby because it was too uncomfortable. I could not get even remotely *comfortable* no matter what position I was in. Nothing felt good. I was just ready to be done. At 6:20 I asked if an epidural might help because I was so tense I felt I was keeping myself from dilating. The nurse said maybe, but felt that even though I was at 8 I was really close and it might not even kick in by the time the baby turned. I'm really glad she talked me out of it.

at 6:30 I was laying on my side and I suddenly HAD to push. She had just checked me about 5 minutes before still at 8, but I knew this baby was coming now. She knew right away and called to wake up the dr from the on call room. I was starting to get nervous trying to wait for the dr and other nurses to come into the room, I really couldn't have waited much longer. Everyone rushed in and 6 pushes later at 6:37am Elise was finally born.

They put her on my chest right away and cleaned her up while she laid on me clinging to my neck. They weighed her quickly and then I was able to nurse her before the did any other assessments or measurements. She is absolutely perfect, and so alert. She makes the sweetest sounds while she sleeps just like Nathan did as a baby which keep me up listening to her as though she is singing.

It was by far my easiest and hardest labor all rolled into one giant marathon, but it was worth every second.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The baby who wouldn't come out, and why I've decided not to care.

Well I'm here, at the hospital. Still pregnant, still in labor. We are getting ready to finish 15 hours of labor, that's steady labor, with contractions 2-3 minutes apart the whole time. And as I'm sitting here in my hospital bed, debating between trying to sleep (which is impossible because of previously mentioned contractions) and getting up and moving around (nearly impossible because of lack of sleep I am experiencing at 3:45 in the morning) I can't help but think about the significance of having a baby right now, on this day. Of experiencing labor 3 times as long as what I would have thought of as normal for me.

You see, as I am typing this, many people are on their way to Washington DC to march outside in the freezing cold to show how much they love and support LIFE. All life, from conception to natural death, but especially on this weekend of the anniversary of Roe v Wade, the lives of those who were lost to a choice. Those who did not have a voice to speak out on their own. Those who were aborted before they had a life outside of the womb.

So I've decided, as long as I am here in labor, however long that takes, I'm offering up my suffering (and frankly at this point boredom) for other mother's who are pregnant, for other babies in the womb, and for those soul's that did not get a chance to be were my baby is now, ready to be born into the world.

While I hope it's soon, I also hope that this time can be used to make a difference. While I can't be there in Washington today showing my support, I'm having my own sort of March for Life right here.

"America you are beautiful . . . and blessed . . . . The ultimate test of your greatness is the way you treat every human being, but especially the weakest and most defenseless. If you want equal justice for all and true freedom and lasting peace, then America, defend life."
- Pope John Paul II

Monday, January 3, 2011

Do you like me?

This is Nathan's newest saying (well along with "I don't know how!", but we won't get into that one). Several times a day he asks "Do you like me mom?" He's decided that I can't love him because I love daddy, and he loves Noah, and that's how we stay the same. How interesting it is to see how his little mind works!

But yes, we always tell him we like him when he asks. Yesterday Anthony really wanted to enjoy the end of his weekend by playing some Madden. Noah was in bed, Nathan was playing quietly with his trains, and I was knitting. It left him a pretty good opportunity to do whatever he wanted. Until Nathan asked him "Daddy, will you play with me?...Do you like me?" How can you even say no to that?

They had a great time playing with trains before bedtime, and I'll post some pictures later of them trying to catch each others trains. So cute.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

In general I don't put much thought into resolutions. It seems often people set high goals for themselves only to fall short and completely give up. I honestly can't even remember what I have resolved to do in the past on new years, which means I probably didn't do such a great job of following through.

This year though, I have a different sort of challenge for myself. I'd like to preserve memories of this special time while my kids are so young. I want to take more pictures, more videos and write more blog posts about the funny and sweet things they do, and the milestones they make it to this year. I want to be able to look back and be reminded of who we were as a family in 2011.

So it starts with this, my first blog post of the new year. I'm not going to worry about having anything interesting to say, or captivating an audience. Instead I am going to focus on things I'd like to remember, sort of like a time capsule of our year.

Tonight we played with Nathan's train's and Noah's blocks, the boys love nothing more than when Anthony gets down on the floor with them and plays. I can't wait to be able to join them in a few weeks when it's a little more comfortable to sit on the floor!