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Friday, December 9, 2011


We went to see Santa today. Nathan has been talking about this day for MONTHS, he really loves Santa, and looks forward to the day (or days) once a year that he gets to visit with him for a few minutes.

Usually he is in such awe of the fact that he is actually sitting on Santa's lap that he forgets to smile and stares blankly at the camera. This year, he was ready.

He's been telling us for weeks that he wants a "(some word I can't pronounce) bridge" it sounded a little like a "bending" bridge, so that's what I've been calling it. I came to find out today that he has actually been saying a "suspension" bridge. How on earth does my 4 year old know what a suspension bridge is?

Anyway, he brought along a picture of his suspension bridge (and it really is a suspension bridge, not just some random bridge he is calling a suspension bridge), probably because he was worried that Santa wouldn't quite understand what he was trying to say either.

He climbed right up on his lap and told him he wanted his bridge, and then smiled for the picture. He couldn't have been happier.

Noah knows he gets a gift from Santa, he's not afraid, but a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. Everything just happens so fast, but he did squeak out that he wanted a toy for Christmas <3

And then there was Elise. This was our 5th year going to see Santa, and in 5 years we have never had a crying baby or child...until today.

The poor thing had to get shots this morning, then fell asleep in the car on the way to the mall. I'm sure she was sad and disoriented, and then we threw her on a strangers lap...and walked away from her!

It doesn't help that she is definitely right in that separation anxiety stage, she doesn't like when I am too far away, and definitely is not a fan of people she doesn't know. This was like her worst nightmare all rolled into one. Not to mention the helpers jingling bells in her face and flashing a camera.

It figures our most laid back and generally happy child would be the one to cry for the Santa picture. Noah, who cried at just about everything else always managed to pull it together come Santa picture time. I guess it was bound to happen eventually!
Can you tell where I am standing? Elise would not take her eyes off of me
We then let the boys ride the train, and walked around the mall together for a bit window shopping. Then we ended the trip with lunch. It was a great morning together!

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