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Saturday, December 31, 2011


I've been a bit absent lately, having fun getting ready for Christmas, celebrating, and the past week recovering and enjoying some family time! Hopefully (if I remember) I'll do a nice little recap post in the near future.

For what is probably the first time ever, I think I actually succeeded in my New Years resolutions from last year.

They were not short term, they required me to change my habits, and I think the change is around to stay!

First, I wanted to spend a little more time than I was recording my kids childhood, so I could look back and remember the small things. That's how this blog came about really. I'd had it for a while, but if you check back prior to this year, it was mostly non-existent. And it really has become a habit now to post some of the fun things we do that I will want to remember. I'm looking forward to more blogging and picture taking in 2012.

My second resolution was to get back in shape after I had Elise, and I am proud to say that not only did I lose the baby weight, but 18 more pounds in addition to that! I weight less than I did the day I got married, ran a 5k (and a few longer training runs too), and even came in 1st for my age division (there wasn't much competition, but at least I wasn't last!) I made some changes in the way I eat without "dieting", and have gotten into the habit of exercising several times a week. I feel great, and have plans to run a half marathon next summer.

So fresh off the success of last year, I have some new resolutions this year, while still keeping up with the old.

1. Work out a family exercise plan. I did great last year, but sort of at the expense of everyone else! I know Anthony wants to get in better shape this year, so I want to make it work that we can both get things done (maybe even with the kids) without just not seeing each other every night lol

2. Get this house organized and keep it that way! We've been here 8 months, and there are still some things that I feel don't really have a permanent place. I want to find a place for EVERYTHING, and not just on the top of the fridge or on a shelf somewhere, and get rid of the stuff we don't use. And then PUT EVERYTHING WHERE IT GOES.

I am super organized in my head, but my execution is poor. This year I want to try and actually do it. I figure I have a whole year to work on it, and then it will be done for life. Right? ;)

Happy New Year to everyone! 2011 was such a great year for us. Elise was born, we moved into a bigger house, we found out we are going to have a new little niece or nephew. I'm looking forward to all of the great things I know 2012 will bring!

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