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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

St. Anthony

Yes, I know my last post was about Anthony, this one is about St. Anthony and completely unrelated ;)

For the last few years it has been driving me absolutely crazy that I cannot find my copy of St. Faustina's Diary. I was really wondering if it had gotten thrown away, or left somewhere. The last time I remember having it, was in our first house right after we were married, about 4.5 years ago. Since then, no amount of searching has helped me find it.

Even when we moved back in the spring, I looked through each box we packed hoping I would find it, but no such luck.

I was on the verge of purchasing a new copy, since I was feeling like it was time for a read again.

Then, today, in the middle of every mom's worst nightmare, sorting through about a million games, puzzles and toys, I decided to check out the office closet to see if any pieces had made there way in there.

And sitting right out in plain sight, the only thing on top of the box right in front of me when I opened the door, was my copy of St. Faustina's Diary! And then nearby, two medals, St. Michael and St Francis Xavier, each of who have very significant meanings to me!

I asked Anthony (my husband, not the Saint) if he had found them while looking for anything, and he said it's possible, but doesn't have any memory of finding the 700 page book.

So thank you St. Anthony for answering my 4 year long prayer!

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