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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kid Scissors

Today I am thankful for kid scissors.

You know, the kind that barely cut paper? 

And have a difficult time cutting yarn?

Because if they had been real scissors, then this gown I am getting ready to pop in the mail to it's new owner would have been in several pieces.

And a certain child of mine would have spent about 3 hours in a time out today instead of 3 minutes. 

And I would have wept openly.

Why is it that kids just really seem to be drawn to cutting things they shouldn't? We have a very strict "scissors are for paper only, but not books" policy in this house. And they are always used under supervision. Though somehow in the 30 seconds it took me to pick the baby up off the floor, Noah was out of this room with scissors and the gown and working on making his first cut.

I screamed so loud (in shock and in an attempt to get him to stop) that I am sure the poor baby is traumatized for life. He dropped those scissors faster than I have ever seen him do anything, and hopefully it startled him enough to never try something like that again.

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