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Friday, November 18, 2011


I forgot to post last night, but yesterday I was thankful for ballet!

I started dancing when I was 8 (well one year of creative movement somewhere in there, but I usually leave it off since it wasn't consecutive with the other years) and I was hooked.

I danced all the way through high school and college with varying intensity, and mostly focusing on ballet, but threw some modern, jazz, swing dancing and some theatrical choreography in there too.

I was never good enough (or had any real desire because of the intensity and short career) to be a professional dancer, but I was really sad when college ended and it seemed my ballet dancing days were over.

About 5 months after Noah was born, I found an adult ballet class being taught by an old family friend and I was hooked again.

A few months later I accepted a position to teach ballet at the same studio, and I absolutely love it!

I still take adult ballet classes with my sister Nina, though most of the time my head remembers the steps better than my body does. But I've had so much fun being able to stay connected to something that I've loved for so long.

It's more than exercise, and it sounds cheesy, but I really feel like it's a way to express myself. Dancing is more than just knowing the steps and executing them, it's about being part of them. The best technique in the world can still make you a boring dancer if you don't put some of yourself into it as well.

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