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Friday, October 14, 2011


Taking a break from all things pumpkins for a few days to celebrate my little guy and his 3rd birthday! Even just typing that out is weird for me.

Nathan was born a big brother, and has always acted much older than he is. He often tells Anthony he is being too silly, and is serious.

Noah on the other hand is my baby. Even though he's not the youngest, I think he will always be the baby in my mind. Probably because he wanted nothing to do with anyone but me until he was about 18 months old. This includes Anthony. While other toddlers were running around playing, Noah just wanted to be held and snuggled. And he is still a snuggly guy who has to climb up in my lap several times a day just to cuddle for a few minutes.

So to say that he is 3 years old just seems surreal.

3 years ago, we had *just* gotten back from a wedding in Buffalo, we'd only been home a little over 24 hours when I went into labor 25 days early, and I was in COMPLETE denial.

I think I'd been having contractions for over an hour, less than 5 minutes apart when Anthony finally told me he didn't care what I said, he was packing a bag for me. I'd already told him several times there was no need and they would stop. Um, right.

After my dad showed up to watch Nathan, and we made our way over to the hospital it was pretty clear we were having a baby.

The results from my group b strep test were not back yet, so they needed to start me on the first dose of antibiotics right away. Honestly, the feeling of the penicillin going into my arm was the most annoying part of the whole labor and delivery.

For as needy and difficult Noah was as an infant, I could have a million birth's like his.

Less than 3 hours after we pulled into the parking lots, and 3 pushes (the dr just barely made it in the room in time) we had our little Noah!
(I very distinctly remember telling my mom "So THAT'S what normal people feel like after having a baby" Read Nathan's birth story to understand why this was so different for me!)

Though he wasn't Noah yet at that point, the biggest (and really only) problem with him being early, was that we had no idea what we were going to call this child. He remained "Baby Mion" for a few hours, then finally I told Anthony I was too tired to have a lengthy name discussion, but I wanted him to have a name and he could just pick from our top 4-5 names we'd been thinking of. Anthony named him Noah Gabriel (my favorite on the list!).

He slept with me most of that night and every night from then until he was about a year old, the sweet little guy sure was (and is) a mama's boy. And while it was difficult to do just about anything else, those first 18 months, I'll always remember snuggling with my Noah bee.*

Cute little brand new Noah

Meeting his brother for the first time
If he wasn't being held, he was following me around asking to be held

Snuggly one year old
Snuggly two year old
My big boy three year old

*I think I may have shared before in talking about the baby, but when Noah was born, Nathan was only 13 months old and didn't have much in the way of a vocabulary. He couldn't say "baby" and it came out instead as "bee". I called Noah "Noah baby" very early on and Nathan followed suite calling his brother "Noah bee" and the nickname stuck. As a joke now we sometimes even call my little brother Noah (almost 17!) "Noah A" :)

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