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Saturday, October 8, 2011

No Pumpkins Today

Sorry, no posts about pumpkins today! Anthony and I decided that since the weather was nice, we were going to take advantage of our Cedar Point season passes and go one last time for the year, and the only time we've been able to go without the kids!

Well I think everyone in a 100 mile radius had the same idea.

It was PACKED.

We waited 90 minutes to get into the parking lot...only to find there wasn't a single space left to park. There were cars parked up against the fence, and in a random field, and pretty much anywhere you could squeeze a car. Thank God for taking the Focus and not the van or we may have just turned around and drove home after all of that.

Once we finally got in the park, I really had to pee after a Pepsi and a much longer trip than I expected. And of course, a long line for the bathroom too. (at least that was the shortest line I saw while there!)

We quickly realized this wasn't going to be our exciting ride our favorite rides trip we thought it would be. Even the family rides had long lines coming out into the midway. And speaking of the midway, it was so packed you could hardly walk at times. I had to grab on to Anthony's shirt to make sure I didn't lose him.

After walking to the back of the park and seeing there was no way we were avoiding long lines, we decided to ride the Witches Wheel. We waited an hour. If you have ever been to Cedar Point, you know exactly how depressing that is.

After that, we were already running out of time, this was only an afternoon trip, and we wasted half of it in the car trying to get in. So we ran over to the Sky Hawk. One of 3 rides in the park we had never been on (the other 2 are Shoot the Rapids and Wind Seeker) Thankfully it was only a little over an hour wait, and a pretty great ride...but then it was already time to go home.

So that was the time we drove to Cedar Point to ride 2 rides.

At least the weather and the company were nice :)

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