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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Corn Maze

Yesterday my kids went to a corn maze with their grandparents and aunts and uncles. I was gone when they came back, so I didn't get to hear about it until this morning. Nathan walked into the kitchen and said "mom, I need to tell you a story, a story about the corn maze"

So here you have it, Nathan's story about the corn maze.

"We were going to the corn maze, then I was finding the way out, then I was going to make a pumpkin scarecrow, then I was going to get a pumpkin, then I was going to McDonalds, then grandma asked me to go to the play ground, then I ate my food, then I went to the playground again!

Then I was playing on the 'puter, snowman were eating! Then I was going home!

And that's the story!"

(Nathan looks at the computer, points to the last sentence)

Nathan: What does that say?
Me: It says "And that's the story!"
Nathan: I want you to go back and get rid of that part, I don't want to say that part anymore.

But I'm leaving it in anyway shhhh.

It's a good thing we love pumpkins around here since they brought home pumpkins last night, we're going on a field trip to get pumpkins with our playgroup in a few weeks, my sister has passes for the boys to go to Pumpkin Village, and chances are, there will be another pumpkin trip in there somewhere too.

Nathan's looks tiny, I wonder if I can convince him to let me cut it up and puree it... ;)

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