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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I used to be a patient person...then I had children.
Do not be fooled by the cute smile, he is up to no good. This is right after he showed me that he broke my tape measure (can be seen in the bouncer seat)

Today is really testing my limits.

I wonder if the 3 of them got together while I was in the shower and had a little chat.

Nathan: Hey guys, I know we've been really good lately, but mom is getting a little too relaxed, I think we need to push her a bit today to give her some practice in not completely losing it.

Noah: I know, how about I chase you around begging you to suffocate me with a blanket and then cry hysterically when you actually do?

Nathan: Perfect, maybe come bug me in time outs too so that I can cry that you are bothering me.

Noah: Done and done.

Nathan: And Elise, how about you don't nap again, I know we've been working you over time lately, but we're going to need you to stay awake and cry every time mom is out of your sight if this is going to work. Maybe even cry if she isn't holding you, right when she is trying to make dinner is the best time for that.

"SMILE baby!"

Elise: gagagagagla

Nathan: And while we're at it, we might as well completely ignore her when she asks us to clean up that mess in the playroom.

Noah: And I will kick you repeatedly if you try to clean it up, so you can blame it all on me when it doesn't get done.

Nathan: shhhh I think she's coming.

And so far the plan is working beautifully. They are testing me. REALLY  testing me. All I can say is God bless whoever invented crock pots because at least dinner for tonight is done. Everything else? Let's just say I'm glad I'm not having company over any time soon.

And my patience level? All time low. It's muddy outside, but I am very seriously considering throwing them outside for the next hour so that even though I won't have a chance to clean up anything, at least it won't get any worse.

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