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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Love Story: How We Met

Anthony and I grew up 2.3 miles from each other, as children we had some of the same friends, maybe even went to the same birthday parties, but we didn't know each other.

One summer we drove his little sister to ballet because we went to the same studio, I still only vaugely knew he existed.

In high school we went to the same church, we were in the same confirmation class, we sat in the same room once a month for classes and were confirmed together. We still didn't know each other.

I met his brother Mike while we were both part of the youth group at our church (Anthony didn't like it), Mike and I became friends pretty quickly and he later confessed that when he met me he thought I should date his brother (even though he was dating someone else at the time), so he started hanging out with me in hopes that Anthony would meet me too.

The first time I ever talked to Anthony was the day of our graduation parties. Yes, we unknowingly planned our graduation parties on the same day, 2.3 miles away from each other. Since we had friends in common they were going from one party to the other. I got a phone call from Mike and another friend telling me that they couldn't make it to my party because they were having too much fun at Anthony's (thanks guys!) only they couldn't work up the courage to actually tell me, so they put Anthony on the phone to do it for them. Our first conversation went something like this

Anthony: So, um congratulations
Me: Thanks, you too
Anthony: Mike and Alissa wanted me to tell you that they are not going to make it.
Me: Oh, well thanks for telling me. Have a good rest of you party.
Anthony: alright, you too, bye.

What I really wanted to say was "tell them they are both jerks" (just kidding guys!) but it was a little awkward talking to someone I had never met before and telling him to tell his brother and friend to leave his party. So we left it at that.

After that Mike had been talking Anthony up to me, telling me what a cool guy he was, and how much he hated his current girlfriend. I still didn't get that this was a set up, just thought he must have a cool brother, he seemed cool enough on the phone. I finally met Anthony for the first time when we both attended a Steubenville Youth conference with our parish. Let's just say I wasn't impressed.

In fact, I will go so far to say as I didn't like Anthony and was sort of scared of him.

In his defense, our friends had forced him into going, he really didn't want to be there, he felt pressured and was not open to having a good weekend. All I saw was a guy who constantly looked like he wanted to punch someone and gave Mike and Alissa who were supposed to be his friends (and brother!) a death glare every time they got within 2 feet of him.

We went off to college, I started dating someone else, another mutual friend. Anthony continued to date his high school girlfriend. When we were both home for Christmas we all went sledding together, and went to movies together, but I still didn't really get to know him at all other than Mike's crabby brother. The crabbiness could have also come from our friends constantly making fun of his girlfriend. So much so that he had even left a new years party long before midnight because he was sick of it. I didn't know him, I didn't know her, so I just stayed out of the whole thing.

It didn't last much longer though, they broke up and Anthony started looking forward to coming home and spending time with the rest of us.

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