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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Beginning of Fall!

Alright, I know, fall is technically still a couple of days away. But everyone has gone back to school, and it's 60 degrees and it's fall. I have to take what I can get, because living in Ohio, chances of it snowing and becoming literally freezing outside before this season is over are great.

Friday afternoon we came home from playgroup to see the xbox on and the car gone. It was his day off, so I was expecting him to be home, and after an unfortunate incident involving his phone and the roof of our car there was no way to call him and see where he was.

Turns out he decided to take a trip to the Rocky River, and brought us back with him on Saturday to check it out.

The boys had a great time jumping around, climbing on things, throwing rocks in the water. We even got to see some horses up close since it was a great day for horseback riding.

This fall we have big plans to visit as many local parks as we can. Hopefully getting to 1 each weekend until it's too cold for us to want to be outside anymore.

Last fall Anthony was busy studying for his PE exam and we sometimes didn't see him for days, so we're making up for lost time this year!

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