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Monday, August 22, 2011

Realistic Expectations

I don't have them.

I had great plans for this week and what I was going to accomplish with the kids. I don't know who I was kidding. What made me think I could do MORE with less help with the kids? Crazy.

What I planned to do today:
Wash, fold and put away all of our laundry from the weekend
Deep clean the kitchen
Grocery shopping
Trip to the outlet mall for some fall clothes for Elise and a train ride
Make dinner
Work out
Watch a movie
Start making a dent in the playroom
Work in the garden

What I actually did today:
Grocery shopping
Trip to the outlet mall
Dinner from Subway
Washed, but didn't get to fold or put away laundry
Put the boys back in bed 5 billion times (still in progress)
Held the little baby who seems to think napping was optional today
Picked up a bag of coffee beans spilled all over the living room
Put all of the books that had been thrown off the bookshelf back on the shelf
Did the dishes
Looked out the window at the garden and thought "hmmm, I really should go out there and pick those tomatoes"

The baby is asleep in my lap (and I'm sure this will chance the second I move), the boys are still coming out of their room every 30 seconds. It's only a matter of time before they realize I can't really get up and put them back in bed without waking up the baby. Maybe I'll get to that list tomorrow...

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