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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picnic, Playground and Earthquake

Continuing with my attempt to keep Anthony in the loop of what we did while we were gone, here's an overview of day 2 on our own.

I wanted a fun activity for each day to get us out of the house and moving around. Today's plan was a picnic! I was feeling a little on the lazy side, and contemplated just throwing a blanket in the backyard with some PB&J and calling it a day, but wouldn't you know, my awesome brother-in-law showed up to mow our lawn for us right around lunch time giving me the kick in the butt I needed to actually leave the house.

I packed some lunches and we were off! My original plan was to find a park with a picnic table and no playground in view. I really like the *idea* of playgrounds, I know I loved them as a kid, but when you have 2 dare devil boys under 4 who think they are invincible they are sort of a nightmare.

Just as we were pulling onto the main road Nathan said "mom, can we please have a picnic at the playground?" I told him I wasn't sure because it would be hard to keep an eye on them while holding the baby, especially if they were not listening to me when it was time to leave. "I will listen mom! I will!" I told him I'm glad he wanted to listen, but that didn't mean his brother would. He promised me he would watch Noah and that if Noah tried to run away he would yell "Noah!" and that would make him come back. "PLEEEEASE MOM" I couldn't argue with a deal like that, so to the playground we went.

Wouldn't you know it, NOAH was the one who listened and grabbed my hand cooperatively when it was time to leave and my sweet little Nathan cried the whole way back to the car that he really really did want to stay.

And then there was an earthquake. I didn't feel it, but I want to remember to tell Anthony that it happened while he was gone since he is cut off from the outside world for a week and I am SURE he did not feel it or hear about it up there.

Oh and I made some amazing black bean and corn quesadillas for dinner. They were amazing. I would take a picture of them if I had a camera, but I don't. Even Nathan who told me he didn't like those things and they would be gross later apologized and told me that I was right, they were delicious.

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