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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just me and the kids

At the last minute Anthony was able to go up to Quebec for a fishing trip with his dad and his uncle. It's something he's wanted to do again for years, but just hasn't had the chance. That means that for one week I am home alone with all 3 kids!

It's not *really* something I've never done before. I'm home with them everyday, I've put them to bed alone, I've gone shopping and ran errands with them alone, it's more of a week straight without breaks that is a little daunting. And this time is a little different from other times Anthony has been away from home (for much shorter times) in that there is no way to contact him while he is there. The weirdest part so far has just been not having him around to share the thoughts of my day.

So this week my blog is dedicated to Anthony, filling him in on what he's missing (or really glad he's not around for) while he's gone. And hopefully he'll have some fun fishing stories to share with us when he gets back.

Thanks to my parents we had a fun weekend in West Virgina with lots of help with the kids. I'll post more about that another time.

Today is our first day on our own. So far we planned our meals for the week and went grocery shopping. Now just some quiet playtime while the baby naps, maybe we'll head out to the outlet mall to ride the train later.

For the rest of the week I'm thinking the zoo, a picnic, and library day. Friday we'll probably just clean up like crazy and get ready for Anthony to be home!

Oh and he took my camera, so no pictures for a whole week. It's already sort of driving me crazy.

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