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Friday, July 22, 2011


Luckily for you *I* am not the one who is angry.

Nathan however, is just not having a good day.

From the outside it looks like he hates his brother, hates his parents, and is looking for a good way to express this, so he screams at the top of his lungs "I AM SO ANGRY!" If you saw him in  a grocery store you would assume I don't know how to handle my kids and he is a spoiled brat used to getting whatever he wants.

In reality, here is what is going on inside of Nathan's head

"I have this AWESOME idea! I'm going to build a house, I have tents, I have blankets, I have rocking chairs! Best. Idea. Ever."

Then Noah enters the picture, he just wants to help, but darn it if he doesn't have his own opinion on how things should be done. He is completely RUINING Nathan's plans for the perfect house. He wants to get inside, but obviously there is only room for one person, why can't he see that? He wants to put blankets on top to make a roof, doesn't he know that the blankets are for the inside to make a comfy bed?

And telling him to stop doing these things only makes him want to help out more...and it's ticking Nathan off.

Enter mom

I try to explain to Nathan that he needs to play with his brother, but he can't get past the fact that Noah is the reason for his failing plan. I tell Noah he can't break Nathan's tent, but he's not breaking it, he's just helping build it mom.

Finally, Noah knocks the whole thing over in an attempt to get inside (remember there is only room for one!) with Nathan. And that is the last straw. This once perfect plan has literally fallen down around him and it seems that not a single person in this house understands what he is going through.

I feel his pain, but screaming at your brother is not alright, so off to the bedroom to calm down. Noah is completely oblivious to what is going on, he's just playing with Nathan. So he runs after him yelling "I want a time out too!" (yes those words were just actually spoken in my house)

3 minutes and a cup of water later Noah has sneaked into the bedroom with Nathan. The timer goes off and Nathan doesn't even want to leave his room. I can hear them pretend talking on the phone with the pizza man so they can order themselves a pizza.

All is right with the world again...until Noah knocks on the door the wrong way when delivering the pizza and everything falls apart again.

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