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Sunday, July 17, 2011

40. Buy new shoes

Once again when I put this on my list I was envisioning something totally different than what really happened. I envisioned some cute dressy shoes to know...all of those fun places I go, like the library and the grocery store. Okay, so it wasn't really a realistic thing to put on my list for someone with a limited budget such as mine. But I DID get new shoes. New running shoes!
I had my eye on some cute purple shoes, but they were just didn't support my super high arches at all. So I settled for the blue

And can I just say I love the outlet mall? Like a lot. These shoes and this cute little zip up hoody were regularly $145 and instead I walked away with both for $63 (including tax!)
It is 87 degrees in this picture, oh the things I go through to add pictures to my blog

Like I said I love the outlet mall. Plus as a treat for the kids after behaving so well while I tried on shoe after shoe trying to find something to fit my super narrow foot and even more narrow heel, we all rode the train afterwards. Kids 3 and under are free, so it's still a fun cheap ride for all 5 of us.

Never has a child been more excited for anything
Sleepy girl

Best friends <3

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