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Monday, July 18, 2011

2. Eat ice cream

While I've eaten ice cream this summer, I'm always too worried about actually eating my ice cream than taking a picture of it, and a post without a picture of me saying I ate some cookies and cream ice cream from a whale of a pail would be pretty boring, so instead I'm writing about Nathan's new ice cream shop.

For the last week or so, Nathan has been waking up and getting straight to work on his *play*. I shouldn't really be surprised, he has been this way since he was a baby. Playing is a very serious thing, it needs to be done in specific ways, with very specific goals in mind. Sometimes it takes all day getting ready to play just to be able to actually play what he had in mind. He's very lucky Noah is so easy going when it comes to things like that and just sort of goes along with Nathan's elaborate ideas.

It started with taking our tents and turning our couch into a treehouse. The first few days were a lot of trial and error, blankets being taken off the beds and pulled in, cushions moved around until they were just so. Testing it out by napping in the treehouse to make sure it wasn't going to fall down on him. But after a few days he got it just right. Yesterday I woke up and the treehouse had already been completely assembled in the living room before he even bothered to tell me he was awake.
The treehouse and ice cream shop

Where he takes his naps. He says it is comfy because of all of the blankets.
But then that got sort of boring, it needed something else. So he added and ice cream shop to the front. Who doesn't want an ice cream shop adjacent to their treehouse? Sounds like a dream come true!
And the ice cream shop. This is where he sits when he is scooping ice cream

Everyday Nathan asks me if I would like some ice cream. He gives me a bit of money so that I can purchase myself some ice cream and then runs to sit in his shop and wait. I come and pay and he gives me a huge ice cream cone and lets me know what flavor it is. So far I've been able to taste red, strawberry banana pepper, strawberry banana sugar pepper, and today's special flavor of blue sugar blue strawberry and blue peppers.

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