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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

11. Go fishing

Did I tell you about my fish?!

This is probably my favorite vacation moment from the whole week. Anthony really enjoys fishing, he's been having a great time since we moved and we have a pond in our backyard now. He takes the boys out several times a week and they fish together.

We happened to be vacationing right on the Sandusky river, perfect for fishing. So Anthony did some research about what you could catch in the Sandusky river. Turns out it's mostly full of channel catfish. So then he did some research about the best way to catch catfish, the best bait, the best time of day and so on. He was set.
Here is the backyard view from the house, see that little dock at the end of the path? That's where we went fishing.

We got there and he spent a few days trying to catch something, but nothing. He went out and even got some special catfish bait. It just wasn't working.

Thursday of our vacation was a particularly tiring day for the 2 of us, we spent the day with not only our 3 children, but also Anthony's 2 youngest brothers, and our 2 nieces, so 7 kids under the age of 10. They weren't too bad, it was just tiring. Very very tiring. And long. And did I mention tiring? So by the end of the day we were wiped out. We got the boys to bed, thankfully they were tired too and went right to sleep for the first time all week. Passed the baby off to some aunts (reason #394 why I love this baby, unlike the boys, she is completely content when people she doesn't know are holding her, as long as they focus their attention on her. Which isn't hard to do when she is so darn cute!) and headed down to the dock with a couple of beers.

It was perfect. The sun had just set, and you could still sort of see it's glow. There were large birds soaring across the river (probably and eagle or too, but it was too dark to tell). I saw a heron swoop down not too far from us and snatch a fish right out of the water. It was quiet. The first time we had *real* quiet the entire week. I wish someone would have snuck up (yes I realize this isn't a real word, I say it anyway) on us and taken a picture, because this is the moment that defines the vacation for me. So peaceful and perfect.

Anthony bated my hook and cast for me (I could have done it, but I haven't fished since I was probably 12 and I don't think he thinks I know how) and we sat in the quiet watching the birds and talking. I had a bite, but it got away. I teased Anthony that I would catch the first fish after sitting down for 10 minutes when he had been trying all week long. The words barely left my mouth when I felt a tug. A STRONG tug on my line and started to reel it in. The crazy fish was trying to swim under the dock, and he was HEAVY. We didn't even have a net with us, so we pulled it up onto the shore, and then Anthony helped me get it up on the dock. I caught a 5lb channel cat! (it looked so much bigger than 5lbs, but Anthony bought a scale the next morning so we know for sure)
He snapped the line while we were holding him up for a picture, and tried really hard to flop off the deck so Anthony had to hold him down with his foot.
The next morning Anthony went out bright and early and bought himself a fillet knife. We looked up how to fillet a catfish on youtube and Anthony filleted his first fish and cooked it up.

He still never caught anything the rest of vacation, though his mom caught a smaller catfish when fishing with him later.  Though to be fair, since he bated, cast, and filleted my fish...he practically caught it himself. I was just there to hold the pole and reel it in ;)

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