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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Connie the worm

Today we are FINALLY getting our garden in after several failed attempts and lots of researching over the last few weeks. And when I say we, I mean my awesome husband who took the boys out this morning to dig and till our garden while I was able to sit inside with the baby and enjoy a cup of coffee. He really is awesome. As Nathan just told me "Daddy is doing a great job mom" yes he is!

Anyway, this post is less about the garden, and more about Nathan's new friend. Connie the worm. While he was outside gardening, (aka pretending to dig holes with his trowel and mostly just pushing dirt around) he found a worm! He held it and played with it a few minutes and then told Anthony that his worm's name was Connie. We don't know anyone named Connie, I can't think of any books or movies he has seen with a character named Connie, so assuming he meant something else Anthony started asking some questions to figure it out.

"Do you mean Tiny?"
"No dad Connie."
"Is your worm's name Carney?" (makes even less sense than Connie)
"No dad, my worm's name is C-ahhhhh-nie"
"yes, that is my worm's name."

During this time Nathan lost sight of his new friend and she escaped into the dirt. He's been looking for Connie ever since. It's nap time right now, but he let me know that as soon as he wakes up he is going to go find Connie in the garden. It's a good thing he's sleeping through the rototiller.

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