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Friday, June 10, 2011

5. Plant a garden

When I originally put this on my list I envisioned Anthony and I working out in the garden together, digging up the soil, picking out our plants and planting them together into our new garden.

Then I remembered that we have 3 kids, and that sort of time together while they are sleeping or busy just isn't realistic. Especially when you're trying to plant a garden between the constant rain storms we've been having.

So I'm showing you a garden dug up and planted entirely by my awesome husband, who luckily LOVES salsa, so was willing to spend the hours it took to do this alone to make it work. I did get out there with "the claw" for about 20 minutes, but according to my husband my hands are too girly and I ended up with 3 giant blisters in those 20 minutes of gardening. I think I'll stick to watering and weeding from now on.

The garden
Our lone zucchini plant that we hope doesn't take over
Tomatoes in several varieties
Baby cucumber plants

and my little herb garden in a flower bed. Right now just Cilantro, but I'm hoping to add some more. I actually planted this one by myself lol

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