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Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 1

 Something new I want to do this year, is just keep a simple record of what's going on with us each week. You know, the boring stuff that doesn't quite merit it's own post, but will be interesting to look back on none the less! So here is week one

What am I cooking? This week (actually the very end of last) I made some amazing asiago cheese bread, it was quite the process, but I need to remember to make it more often when I have time!

What are we making? The boys have been working on sticker mosaics, and do-a-dot art, I've been chipping away at Elise's birthday present and will post pictures when it's finished.

What am I knitting? The most intense pair of socks I have ever knit! Like, have to sit in front of the pattern and read every. single. row. socks. And with fingering weight yarn, that means I am on row 80 and not finished with the leg yet. But they are gorgeous and definitely not boring in the slightest.

Something that made me think? oh man I am drawing a blank on this one. I reserve the right to come back and fill it in later today. I'm sure I had some intelligent though this week, but it's lost now!

Something that has been a challenge this week? I'm trying to get Elise to sleep in her own bed, we're taking baby steps, 20 minutes at a time. She's not very excited about it, but I think it's time.

What are my prayers/intentions for the week? I'm praying the Novena to St. Joseph for our family and a great start to the new year!

What have I done for my marriage this week? We've been spending a lot of time watching movies together this week and getting back into the routine of Anthony being back at work. It's weird not having him around all day after nearly 2 weeks at home.

What am I reading? I got a kindle fire for Christmas, so I am actually reading lots! Right now I am working on the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series "Mockingjay".

Weekend plans? Hopefully set up our new gate around our woodburner to we can finally start using it and save some money on our electric bill.

What can my children do instead of TV? Art projects and workbooks. I know, the workbooks don't sound like fun, but they love sitting at the table to do their "school work".

Highlights of the week?  Our van is fixed for free because it was still under warranty! It's warming up a little outside so I don't feel so cold all of the time.
What is Nathan doing? Building some great tracks with his geotrax sets, working on mazes in his workbook. He is amazing at them!

What is Noah doing? Sleeping better than he has been in weeks, finally going to bed at a normal time without fighting it.

What is Elise doing? Cruising everywhere but refusing to walk! She also saying tons of words now: go, no, mama, dada, no, yeah, okay, uh-oh, hey, tickle (while tickling with her fingers!) and also waving, clapping and showing us she is "so big!" by putting her arms up in the air.

Sleeping briefly in her playpen

Just out of the tub

Where she would rather sleep
Next week I need to remember to take more pictures of the boys!

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