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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something old makes something new

**** In case you are wondering what is going on (as I certainly was when I saw this was the newest post in my blog!) I finally figured out how to import my old blog into my newer blog. While reading through and publishing old posts, I cam across this draft and thought "why not publish it?" of course blogger published it today and not back 3 years ago when I wrote it. So there you go, a little peak into our life back in 2008

So you would think while I was on spring break I would find some time to post. haha. Actually my spring break was pretty uneventful. I used the week to catch up on the sleep that I wasn't getting at night, I played with Nathan, I went to the library a couple of times, but other than that I didn't even leave the house. It was great to completely and totally relax. I didn't have to worry about getting dressed or putting on make up. I didn't have to drive around anywhere. It was a pretty good spring break. So now that's it's over I have spent all day running errands and playing catch up on the things I didn't do during spring break.

The weather is beautiful outside. I haven't had to wear a coat for a few days now, and I get to break out my skirts once again. I LOVE it. And to top it all off the warm weather and being out seems to make Nathan sleep better, something that couldn't have come at a better time. I don't know if he has teeth coming in, or what is going on but he recently decided that he will no longer sleep for intervals longer than 45 minutes...this includes night time. In fact it's been worse at night equaling no sleep for me at all. Last night he slept for about three hours at a time most of the night. It was wonderful!

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